Baby goods for newborns and toddlers

Pinokio - new generation children clothing

Since 1991. Stylish clothes for newborns and babies up to 4 years old. Designer prints, fashion trends, the highest quality. Made in Poland.

Lorita clothes for newborns and babies

Since 1994. High-quality clothes for newborns and babies up to 1 year old. Organic cotton, bamboo, merino wool. Made in Lithuania.


The best knitted blankets for babies. Organic cotton clothes for newborns. Made in Poland.

Lullalove Creates the Best Childhood Memories

Designer products intended for the development of motor skills of small babies and for their correct and harmonious development. Made in Poland and Spain.


Author's collections of bedding and accessories for strollers and car seats. Designer prints, highest quality. Made in Poland.

Elodie Details Baby Fashion World

Since 2006. Design company from Sweden. Fashionable and functional winter stroller footmuffs, 2 in 1 snowsuits, hats, pacifiers, toys.

Doomoo. Safety, Comfort, and Quality for Your Baby.

Since 1990. Design company from Belgium. Beautiful, practical and multi-functional things for the convenience of baby and mother. Cocoons, positioners, pillows.


Since 1916. Danish company that produces merino wool thermal underwear and organic cotton underwear.

Goods for newborn: First notable shopping

Would-be mum cannot help but love to make a newborn essentials checklist. What should be bought first and foremost and what is not that significant? Is it possible to shop everything needed at affordable prices in one store? knows the answers and is ready to address challenges young parents are exposed to.

Newborn important stuff checklist

A lot of expectant mothers dream about first shopping for that little one picturing things they will choose, with little awareness of how responsible the task is.

Products for babies should combine several features:

  • strength and durability
  • natural breathable materials
  • safe colorants
  • comfort
  • quality certificate

Newborn essentials checklist includes:

  1. A fancy receiving blanket and set of clothes for layering that corresponds to the season.
  2. Baby cot is regarded as the major purchase, which immediately pinpoints the place a new family member will sleep in.
  3. Bedding, such as blanket, bedclothes, and cot bumper set. Children up to a year need no pillow.
  4. Baby car seat (0+) to provide safe trip home from hospital and future rides as well.
  5. The first wardrobe (baby sleepsuits, rompers, onesies, vests, caps, socks, cotton jumpsuits). There is no need to buy too much stuff for that little person, for heshe will outgrow things quickly, so 3 pieces of each type will do great.
  6. Towels. A hooded towel is considered to be the most convenient for infants as it keeps wet baby’s head toasty warm.
  7. Care products, such as diapers, moisturizing baby cream, baby powder, wipes, and washing gel.
  8. Stroller for outdoor walks.
  9. Wearable blanket or wrap for the stroller. This stuff completely depends on the season your dear little will arrive in. Wearable blankets to shield from wind and cold will do for winter, spring, and autumn babies. A warm, breathable wrap is good enough for summer time.
  10. Helpers-stuff that makes things for a young mum easier-baby rocking chair and ergonomic carrier that allows you to hold your little wonder close to you while you are doing household chores or going for shopping.

Kidy store offers quality goods for newborns. Commodity line of our online shop is constantly replenishing, so here you can find just everything your baby will need for hisher first year.

Brands of our preference

Things for infants always require more efforts while choosing as compared to that for older children. The reason is newborns have vulnerable immune system and tender, sensitive skin. Choice of improper fabrics and tailoring may contribute to skin irritation, sweating fever, or allergic response. For we have a strong believe in quality, we choose only the best manufactures. We are targeting not at bright ads but certified, quality, eco-friendly products that received positive consumer feedback.

Kidy online shop assortment includes the best brands:

  1. Lorita presents clothing collections made of 100% cotton and healing wool of Australian sheep (Lithuania, Klaipėda).
  2. Pinokio produces convenient high-quality designer clothes for kids up to 5 years (Poland).
  3. Lassie by Reima comes with durable and waterproof overalls and wearable blankets. The products by the brand originate from Finland, where they know what cold is and manufacture super warm and practical clothing.
  4. Flokati - bedding, toys, sheepskin clothing, merino and camel wool stuff. The brand also produces fur envelope blankets for newborns.
  5. Lullalove - lightweight and breathable, high quality bamboo blankets (Poland).
  6. Twistshake - unique anti-colic bottles, teats, and baby’s first tableware.

Babies of 1–2 months will need educational rattles, pacifiers (if a little one is bottle-fed) and entertaining bath toys.

Companies that produce goods for kids:

  1. Hape - wooden educational toys (rattles, music instruments, puzzles, etc) from Germany, painted in safe food colorants and supervised by licensed teachers and psychologists.
  2. ErgoBaby offers comfortable, physiological ergonomic carriers allowed for children from the age of two weeks (the United States).
  3. Hevea Planet - rubber, uniquely designed pacifiers and toys for bathing. The brand originates from Denmark.
  4. Vulli - natural hypoallergenic rubber teethers and toys that fly to Klaipeda by plane directly from France.

We constantly add to the list of the brands we cooperate with. It includes only manufacturers who won a good name among tons of consumers with product quality and distinction.

Where can I buy goods for newborns?

You can always purchase essentials for your baby in Kidy. Our shop saves young mums from what they need least, to decide on which one is the best. For the purpose, our website shows children’s goods that meet customers’ needs in quality, price, eco-friendliness, and comfort. Convenient payment methods and fast delivery will allow you to make your choice within only several minutes, so you can go on enjoying your new role of busy, though, happy mum. Meanwhile, your order will travel to your doorstep in a couple of weeks or even days.

For those who want to save:

  1. Ongoing promotions and rebates significantly cut down the market value of the product.
  2. Direct cooperation with manufacturers allows Kidy to provide no extra mark-up, the one, resellers can’t avoid.
  3. Products for newborns are on sale on a regular base, so you can save a pretty sum. The main thing is to wait for the moment to be the first buyer and get everything you need.

Our online-shop also offers small and large bulk for children’s goods.

When you order in Kidy, you save not just money, but your precious time you want to spend with your dear fast growing bundle.