Nursing bras

Nursing bra: Features, types, sizes.

Breastfeeding is an important process, positively influencing baby’s health and development. But, often, new mommies face many inconveniences that accompany baby nursing. Therefore, postnatal underwear manufacturers hastened to make life of nursing moms easier, having released special tops and bras for the lactation time. They make the process of breastfeeding easy, thus benefiting to preservation of women's breasts beauty and health.

Post-maternity bras: Features

The lingerie, designed specifically for pregnant and nursing moms, differs significantly from regular bras.

All differences are caused by breast size changes during maternity and lactation time:

  1. Elastic, soft, and breathable material. During lactation mammary glands constantly change their size due to the constant milk movement. Regular bra will cause a lot of discomfort whereas a properly fitted nursing bra will sensitively meet the changes of breast size.
  2. Wide shoulder straps provide a great support for the breasts while relieving the load from the young mommy’s back.
  3. Physiologic shape for a bra cup
  4. An extra row of fasteners designed to adjust the band for the time of high lactation.
  5. Convenient full drop cups to nurse your baby when needed.
  6. "Pockets" for pads. Nursing bra pads are particularly proper to prevent “ leaks” for the cases when mom is to be away from her little one. Most women use them during sleep for at night lactation is rather strong, so milk may soak not only pajamas but also bed linen.

Many women underestimate the importance of a purpose bra.

Nevertheless, the advantages of nursing bras for breastfeeding moms ensure the opposite is true:

  1. Often constant changes in breast size make female mammary tissue covered in stretch marks. Nursing bra will help prevent stretch marks and breast sagging that happens at the end of nursing time.
  2. It is convenient to use them both during the day and at night.
  3. Purpose nursing underwear makes mastitis and nipple fissures less possible.
  4. A nursing bra is really handy when you have to feed your baby in crowded places.
  5. Provides a fast and discreet access to the breast.

Regular bra is not designed the way to make breast-feeding more convenient. Postnatal underwear manufacturers produce not only quality but also beautiful bras. Therefore, it makes no sense for a new mom to abandon the comfort while she is nursing her baby.

Post-maternity bras: Types

The modern market offers new moms many types of nursing lingerie:

  1. Front Snap Bra. The advantage of the model is that a new mom can quickly undo it asking for no help. These bras can be adjusted in size (with extra snaps available under the cup).
  2. Zip Bra. The type is convenient in a way that you can half unzip it to have the rest of your breast covered.
  3. Upper Cup Corner Zip Bra. This type of underwear is extremely popular. It benefits baby and mom’ s comfort . There is only one trifle drawback: Breast when not fully released and being restrained with the fabric can slow milk flow. That is why it is vitally important to choose supporting maternity and nursing bra.
  4. Elastic options are an excellent choice when at home and for night feedings. Soft elastic fabric does not restrain filled breasts. Wide straps and back part provide good support.
  5. Criss Cross Bras. They are very convenient for small or average breast-sized women. This option will not suit nursing mommies featuring fuller shapes (more than D cup).

It is up to each woman to decide what kind of nursing bra she wants to shop. It all depends on breast size and lifestyle of a new mom.

How to choose a nursing bra?

Nursing lingerie asks for doing your earnest when purchasing.

Quality and comfortable bra contributes not only to women’s convenience but also to her health and success when nursing.

  • It’s worthy to always opt for products by tried and tested underwear manufacturer to have your choice last for long.
  • Pay attention to the material the bra is made of. Cotton bras are best to choose to prevent sweating.
  • Snaps and zippers should be easy to do and undo.
  • It is best to opt for wide straps and thick band bras.
  • An elastic band suggests perfect bra fit to your body. This feature is to be kept in mind when you pride yourself in full, above-average shapes.
  • No need to buy underwear featuring hard elements, underwire or push-up inserts for they may entail galactostasia and mastitis as a result.
  • If the purchase takes place during pregnancy, it is best if it is a few days prior giving birth. Otherwise there is the possibility of choosing a wrong size.
  • Bra seams should not be too hard. Quality underwear features flat, hardly noticeable stitching, both for your eye and on the touch.

Nursing women need to have at hand not less than 3 bras of different kinds:

  • for sleep
  • for daytime
  • to change when dirty

So, for example, for a good night's sleep an elastic top is the best choice to have your breast unrestrained. During daytime it is essential to have a good supporting bra with wide straps preventing stretch marks. And eventually in case when your bra suddenly gets wet it is great to have a change in your drawer.

How to know your size?

To find the right fitted bra quickly it's important to know your size especially considering the fact that when nursing breast size differs significantly as compared to that of pre-maternity.

It is not difficult to calculate your bra size: what you need is to measure under-the-breast and the bust circumferences and then subtract less value from bigger one.

For example: band size is 80cm, mid-breast size is 100cm. What we get is: 100-80 = 20cm it is cup size, so you need DD (5) bra size.

Cup size Size (letter) Size (number)
12-13 cm А 1
14-15 cm В 2
16-17 cm С 3
18-19 cm D 4
20-22 cm DD 5
23–25 cm E 6
26-28 cm F 6+

It is particularly important to know your bra size when you are shopping for nursing bra online to order the model you want.

Where can I buy a nursing bra?

To avoid low-quality knock-offs it is reasonable to buy lingerie in specialty stores that provide children’s goods, maternity and nursing products. KIDY cooperates with the best European brands to offer its buyers certified products at affordable prices. Enjoy this magical time of breastfeeding with quality and comfortable bras from