Lorita clothes for newborns and babies

Lorita clothes for newborns and babies
To have healthy things around means to have healthy baby!
Lorita Company

Lorita, Lithuanian sewing company, was founded in 1994. It manufactures top quality clothing for newborns and babies. Every season sees a new collection ready with a variety to choose from. The company uses only certified fabrics made of regular and organic cotton, merino wool, flax plant, and bamboo to manufacture hard-wearing clothing of long performance with its every detail deliberately and thoroughly designed.

Time-honored brand

In 1994, the production of European baby clothes under the Lorita brand was launched in Lithuania. Since the beginning, the brand has been aimed at manufacturing of high quality products with corporate design.

Over long 22 years of work, the company faced many changes, but these changes had no impact on the quality of products. Today Lorita is the company that earned trust and popularity not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries.

Lorita products

Lorita always forges ahead striving to provide its supporters with new collections of baby clothes every season. Designers and production managers of the factory constantly follow the innovations of children’s fashion and clothing industry, and implement the successful solutions.

The brand produces more than 1400 types of products, including:

  • Lorita baby clothes, the first layer,
  • outer garments,
  • headwear, mittens, scarves, gloves,
  • bed sheets.

Clothes for newborns from Lithuania

One of the main activities of Lorita company is the manufacturing of clothes. Baby clothes are the most popular products of Lorita. Booties, socks, caps, scarves, matinee coats, bonnets, napkins, blouses – these are only several examples of products for children, manufactured by this Lithuanian factory.

Lorita baby bodysuits and sleepsuits for newborns with various color schemes and designs are particularly popular. If you buy baby sleepsuit you will make your child comfortable during sleep and play time. They are warm and hypoallergic. If you want lighter model, you can buy a baby bodysuit. We have a large selection of baby onesies and bodysuits by Lorita with long and shorts sleeves for both boys and girls.

Exceptional beauty, flawless tailoring, safety and durability are the main advantages of baby clothes by Lorita. All products are tested for stretch marks and frequent washing at the temperature of 60°C before the launch of every new collection.


Baby clothes from Lithuania are traditionally manufactured from natural quality materials like cotton, organic cotton, merino wool, silk wool fabric, linen. Merino wool and organic cotton are especially interesting.

Merino wool is the unique material, suitable for manufacturing of sleepwear for infants and thermal underwear. It consists of tiny bags filled with air and has lamellar fiber structure.


  1. Climate control system for baby’s body. If it’s cool, merino baby clothes will keep your child warm. If it’s hot outside or inside the room, it will keep your child cool. Lorita clothing made of this material is suitable for any season.
  2. High absorptivity. A product made of merino wool can absorb moisture up to 30% of its weight. This moisture will evaporate and the skin of your baby will be always dry.
  3. Easy to use. The material has antistatic and repellent properties. That is why it gets dirty less often that clothes made of other materials. It can easily endure multiple cycles of washing, dries quickly, does not shrink or lose color.
  4. Protection from UV radiation and ignition.

Organic cotton for newborn clothes is the cotton that is harvested manually. During the harvesting with the use of machines, parts of leaves and bolls can get into the raw material. Manual harvesting excludes that and allows to receive 100% quality and environmentally safe raw material. The products made of such raw material are especially soft. Cotton clothes can be washed without losing any of their properties.

You can buy Lorita newborn clothes in our online shop. You will definitely fall in love with these products and their excellent quality after single touch. Besides, Lithuanian clothes by this brand are affordable. This makes it more attractive in comparison with brands that are more expensive.