Disposable breast pads

First months of breastfeeding is the time when milk volume is still to be adjusted, so nutrient fluid leakage is the issue many new mothers are very familiar with. As a result, spoiled clothing, wet bed linen and confusing situations when in public places. Bra absorbent nursing pads come at hand for the cases.

Why do you need nursing pads?

Absorbent bra pads are not required part of breastfeeding. Many moms can easily do without them. But if doctors detected hyperlactation and woman often struggles milk leakages, then she definitely needs nursing pads. Sometimes nursing pads are useful during pregnancy for the cases when much colostrum starts to be released.

Absorbent bra pads give nursing mom dryness and comfort as well as perform other useful functions:

  • Protect nipples against irritation and dryness
  • Serve for a barrier against harmful microbes
  • Prevent nipple fissures
  • Accelerate healing of wounds

To have your breast pads only benefiting you, it is essential to take your choice of the product with utmost responsibility: decide on the type, material, and manufacturer.

Breast pads: Types

From a wide range of absorbent nursing pads available on the modern market, there are two main categories:

  1. Washable cotton or wool pads of anatomical or round shape can be used repeatedly, suitable for frequent washing. The number of washings is set by the manufacturer.
  2. Disposable breast pads absorb moisture and keep it in for 4-5 hours. There is an adhesive tape on the back of nursing pad to ensure discreet attachment. After use, hygienic pad can be thrown away. Also available in anatomical, round, or conical shapes.

What type of bra pad to choose first-time mom decides herself.

Reusable breast pads stand out for saving your money.

However, to prevent bacteria invade your breast products of this type ask for proper care:

  • Hand wash using a mild baby powder or soap
  • Hot ironing of both sides
  • Store in a clean, dry place
  • Machine wash is possible only when the pad is put in a purpose pouch

The disadvantage of reusable pads is that protective silicone lining after frequent washings gets too thin. Thus, breast pad fails to prevent leaks.

Disposable bra pads, on the contrary, are easy to use with no extra hassle. Therefore, they are in great demand among breastfeeding women. These pads assure infection away from affected nipples, for they are always new.

What manufacturer should you choose?

Buying absorbent nursing pads, it is important to pay attention not only to price and material composition, but also the brand that produces this product. Poor quality breast pads can result not only in wet t-shirts and discomfort, but also entail irritation, allergies, mastitis.

The most popular are the nursing pads by the manufacturers:

  1. Tommee Tippee Disposable 4-layer absorbing structure soft lining pads. The pads can absorb up to 30ml of milk. Bra pads have a round shape and are large enough to guarantee comfort and dryness, even during active movements.
  2. Philips Avent. The brand produces two types of breast pads: daytime (thin) and night (with extra side leakage protection).
  3. Chicco Thin seamless antibacterial breast pads featuring anatomic form achieved through elastic edges of the product. The nursing pads absorb a large amount of fluid and, even when completely filled, the outer lining of the product remains dry. Many new moms note that Chicco breast pads can last up to 12 hours with no leakage.
  4. Babyline Anatomically shaped gel filler breast pads.
  5. CANPOL Babies Breathable disposable breast pads. For pros users underline a soft lining surface, fine structure, which is not noticeable under clothing and provides good absorbency. Thanks to clued edges liquid doesn’t leak, and Aloe Vera soaked lining gives extra care to sensitive skin.
  6. LOVI (by Canpol Babies) fabric bra nursing gel filler pads. Gel absorbs milk when it leaks to provide complete dryness. Thanks to the wide adhesive tape breast pad is secured on the inner side of the bra. Even after a long wear the nursing pad does not lose its shape.

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