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Pinokio - new generation children clothing

Pinokio - new generation children clothing

Children - the greatest gift we are given, so we do everything we can to get our clothes met the expectations of parents and their kids.

PINOKIO - a Polish manufacturer of clothes for infants and toddlers. Brand is specialized on design and manufacture of clothing and underwear for children under the age of 5. More than 90% of Pinokio products are made directly in headquarters of the company. As a result, the entire production process is under full control. This ensures high quality products of this brand. Kids clothing Pinokio has certificate "safe for baby".

Polish designers produce their clothes with aesthetically pleasing appearance. Knowing that the sense of beauty in children is formed from a very early age, Pinokio company pays special attention to the design of manufactured goods. The brand assortment is constantly updated with new ideas and collections. Because of this, the production of Pinokio is not only reliable and durable, but also a perfect gift for baby’s birth.

UNICORN Collection


FUNNY DOG Collection


BIG DREAM Collection

Pinokio BIG DREAM collection for baby boys

LEON Collection

Pinokio LEON collection for baby boys


Pinokio SWEET PANTHER collection for girls

TEDDY BEAR Collection

Pinokio TEDDY BEAR collection

NORTH Collection

Pinokio NORTH collection

MAGIC Collection

MAGIC collection from Pinokio

HAPPY DAY Collection

Pinokio HAPPY DAY black-and-white collection

LOVE SUMMER Collection

Pinokio LOVE SUMMER collection

WHITE Collection

Pinokio WHITE collection for newborns

SEA WORLD Collection

Pinokio SEA WORLD collection

XAVIER Collection

Pinokio XAVIER collection

COLETTE Collection

Pinokio collection COLETTE

CELEBRITY Collection

Pinokio CELEBRITY collection

SMART FOX Collection

Pinokio collection SMART FOX

WILD BOY Collection

Pinokio collection WILD BOY

MARTINET Collection

Pinokio collection MARTINET

GARCON Collection

Pinokio collection GARCON

PIKOLINA Collection

Pinokio collection PIKOLINA

HAPPY KIDS Collection

Pinokio collection HAPPY KIDS

Pinokio children’s clothes brand is a famous Polish producer highly valued by modern parents. These are high quality items appreciated far beyond the production country’s borders. Our online shop provides you with the opportunity to purchase Pinokio clothes at the best terms.

Pinokio clothes purchase in our children clothing online shop

Such clothes as Pinokio deserve the high price. It is confirmed by the high quality, design and availability. But we offer Pinokio clothes at the reasonable prices for you to be able to dress your baby up in the best items not spending a fortune. We work directly with Pinokio manufacturing that is why we are able to offer these wonderful clothing without enormous extra charges.

If choosing our online shop for purchasing of Pinokio clothes you will definitely appreciate the prices and the quick delivery to any place of the world. This is definitely very comfortable for the parents not having time for a long shopping walk.

Should you choose Pinokio brand as the one the best suitable for your baby you can consider ordering several items at once as it will not only facilitate the process of your baby’s wardrobe filling but will provide you with a pleasant discount depending on the amount of the ordered items.

Pinokio is a wonderful clothing for the little kids

Polish brand Pinokio was born thanks to several active moms willing only the best comfortable and practical clothes for their children. Pinokio clothes appeared in 1991 and since then receive only positive feedback from the parents from all over the globe.

Despite the fact that the brand specializes on new born baby clothes production, it has size range for the children of different age and fit that is why you should not be worried that the clothes will not fit your baby.

As these are babies for whom Pinokio clothes are produced there are several peculiarities:

  • All the garments go through pre-sale control in order to exclude shrinking or losing of the color when washing.
  • Pinokio clothes are produced in Poland that is why all the production process is under severe control.
  • Only high quality materials from Poland and Germany with ecological certificates are used for production.
  • Advanced manufacturing sciences are applied in order to ensure the same appearance of the children’s items even after numerous washings. The clothes can be washed at the temperature up to 95 degrees. All the prints are made by impregnation method which also allows them to go through the washing easily.
  • No Pinokio items contain harmful dyes or heavy metals ions. Besides they are covered with silver ions. All this has a wholesome effect on baby’s health.
  • Pinokio brand is a wonderful clothing for boys and girls made in nice colors. There are several design collections that is why every parent will be able to find a suitable charming item for his or her baby.

Pinokio clothing at retail or wholesale

We offer high quality PInokio children’s clothes at really pleasant prices. Comfortable delivery and payment terms will be definitely appreciated by the busy parents.

Should you want to purchase Pinokio clothes wholesale we well be glad to offer you special terms. Please, see how profitable it is in wholesale buyer section.

Our web site is at your service at any time. Pinokio surely is a wonderful choice for your baby and at our web site the purchase can also be profitable.