Clothing for newborns and babies up to 1 year old

Hi! My name is Kate. Welcome to our online clothing store for infants and babies from 0 to 1 year old!

Clothing for newborns and babies up to 1 year old

Why our shop is so special? That’s because we have the largest selection of sleepsuits!

Why choosing sleepsuits?

When I was preparing for miraculous event of becoming a mother, I went to many shops of clothing for infants in Klaipeda, hoping to find and buy the cutest and nicest models for my baby. I found large selection of matinee coats, crawlers, pants, blouses, jumpers, bodysuits and many more, including bootees, mittens and caps… We gladly tried all this clothes on and tested them with my tiny tot, and we chose the most convenient type of clothing, especially for infants that are unable to sit properly, let alone walk. We chose sleepsuits or "all in ones".

Buy clothing for newborns and babies in the online store

This type of clothing covers the whole body of an infant – from neck to feet. You don’t need to use blouses and matinee coats that are constantly lifted up and leave the back uncovered. There is no need to wear several pieces of clothing e.g. jumpsuit, pants or crawlers, because sleepsuit includes them all! And its second name is all-in-one.

I was really disappointed when I wasn’t able to find sleepsuits in the shops of clothing for infants when we went shopping for new clothes for our newborn baby. It emerged that it is quite difficult to find such sleepsuit in Klaipeda. We have many styles and models of baby clothing, but the selection of sleepsuits is quite small. That’s why we’ve decided to open the online shop and sell sleepsuits, so every mother will be able to buy these gorgeous clothes.

It emerged that there are various types of these wonderful all-in-ones. In our online clothing store for babies up to 1 year old you will find sleepsuits of many styles and colors. We have sleepsuits for infant boys and girls, as well as sleepsuits for kiddies up to 1 year old. All-in-ones covered with flowers, bears, ships, cars, strawberries, stripes, as well as sole-colored models – we have everything, even for the most demanding babies!

Our online clothing shop for infants also sells bodysuits

They also are comfortable clothes for babies and even newborns. The most important thing is to choose the model and style depending on the age of a baby, because for the little ones every zipper and every tiny stitch is important!

Clothing for newborns and babies up to 1 year old in the online store

And of course in our online shop you can buy not only sleepsuits and bodysuits, but also other clothes for your newborn boy or girl. That’s why we invite you to buy beautiful, fashionable, and, most important, functional clothes!