Newborn and baby clothes from Europe

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Wholesale, small wholesale and retail sale of apparel for infants and babies

Ordering information is the online store of apparel for infants and babies, made in Lithuania, Poland and England. We work both with legal entities and individuals. There is no minimal sum of an order in our shop.

How to purchase clothes for infants and babies by wholesale or by retail:

  1. Use our online store.
  2. Send the request in free format to our e-mail, specify the article code and quantity.
  3. Make an order by calling +370 (615) 22216.

* Our assortment of products is constantly updated, that’s why there can be differences between the products displayed on the website and the products available in the warehouse.

Buy clothes for infants and babies from the manufacturer by wholesale

Wholesale of clothes for infants and babies is one of areas of business of out online store. online store sells beautiful and fashionable apparel for infants and babies by wholesale from the manufacturers from Lithuania, Poland and England for the lowest prices in Europe.

Payment and delivery

We make up an invoice within 1-2 working days from the moment of receipt of the request. Packaging and sending of an order is carried out after 100% payment using the payment method you prefer.
Available payment methods.
Available delivery methods.

Return of goods

We strive to satisfy every customer, that’s why we check every article for defects. This is the reason why receiving defective goods from us is completely impossible. Thorough description of every article allows to choose necessary size, material and quality. On that ground, the return of goods can be carried out only under permission of the seller. Please note that according to the order of the Minister of economy of the Republic of Lithuania No.4-243 clause 17 dated March 15, 2012 the following articles cannot be returned: clothing for infants and babies, socks and hosiery, and underwear.

We do not make refunds for the orders paid if no conditions or commitments are broken by our party. We cannot afford losing money on transfers and refunds only because you have changed your mind regarding the order regardless the reason.

Drawing up of documents

The following information is required for drawing up of the documents:

  • For individuals: full name and address.
  • For legal entities: name and code of the company, legal address.

The information that you provide is confidential. Information about the customers is used exclusively for the work of the online store.

Ordering instructions

  1. To buy clothes for infants and babies from the manufacturer by wholesale, small wholesale or retail, use the website menu to look through the assortment of the store.
  2. Place the desired goods in the shopping cart and specify the desired quantity. The shopping cart uses COOKIES and IP-address of the customer. IP-address is not used for customer identification. COOKIES do not contain confidential information. This information is not given to any third parties.
  3. When all desired goods are added to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart screen, check the selected items and quantity once again, and edit the information if necessary.
  4. Click “Make an order” button, fill in all the boxes, choose delivery and payment methods, add you requests in the “Additional information” box, if necessary.
  5. Click “Confirm the order” button. By clicking this button you confirm that you agree with all conditions and rules of ordering in online store.

After receiving the request, we check the availability of items and calculate the delivery price (if necessary) within 1-2 days. If certain items are not available, the client will receive the notice with replacement options. After the final confirmation of the order, we send the invoice with payment details to the customer, and the customer makes payment using the preferred payment method. The customer shall pay 100% of the sum. Date of payment is deemed the date of conclusion of purchase agreement between and the customer. We send the order within 1 day after receiving of payment. Depending on the items selected, the initial delivery is made directly from the manufacturer in Lithuania, Poland or England.