Doomoo. Safety, Comfort, and Quality for Your Baby.

Doomoo. Safety, Comfort, and Quality for Your Baby.
We create baby products that look good and feel great. They are soft to the touch and deliciously comfortable. Just like mommy – the best feeling in the world. And it’s precisely this magical feeling that we call «sensation attitude».

Doomoo products for babies and their mums stand for utility and convenience. Nothing less can be expected when a company is made of experienced parents completely aware of children’s wishes all over the globe.

Fast facts about the manufacturer

Doomoo products are made by Delta Diffusion, the Belgian family business founded in 1990 by common parents, to conquer gradually the whole planet.

The company team consists of creative engineers who know firsthand what it means to be parents. When creating new products, they primarily rely on their motherhood and paternity experience.

Delta Diffusion work hard when creating new top notch products with enhanced functionality to meet most needs of young mums, dads, and their newborns.

Production: Fine points

The crucial aspect while creating new Doomoo products says, ‘Positive childhood memories bring foundation for baby’s successful future’.

Therefore, Delta Diffusion creates baby and mum products on the base on three major points:

  1. Comfort and softness. The company invests a great deal of time to make sure that the products are as comfy and skin-friendly as possible. Tactile sensations are the first thing baby gets when born. For the reason, it is essential to ensure only soft surfaces contacting their skin.
  2. Style. Delta Diffusion finds ways their goods look to be the same meaningful as comfort they provide. So, the item aesthetics is truly eye pleasing.
  3. Safety. Every company product is subject to strict control and a number of tests for harmfulness provided by different international institutions, such as France (LNE), England (ICE), Germany (TUV).

Approaching manufacture with responsibility of the kind results in Doomoo products being extremely craved among most European mums.

Product range

The company product line is diverse though minimalistic at the same time; nothing superfluous is included.

Doomoo most popular products:

  • Absorbent breathable Doomoo Absoplus sheet and mattress cover. Perfect choice for babies who are on the way to master night sleep without a diaper on. The bed sheet absorbent capacity is up to 2 liters per square meter possible through 5 different layers. With the liquid accumulating in the lower layer, the top surfaces and, above all, baby, are dry.
  • Doomoo Seat bean bag is suitable for babies from birth and older (up to 30kg); it is a multi-functional and comfortable seat. A safety harness insert is used to secure the smallest ones, while older children will enjoy the comfort of a cozy armchair. Small balls of expanded polystyrene are inside the product. You can move them to form either a seat or a bed.
  • Doomoo Softy cushion for easy nursing and bottle feeding. The product can also be used for baby to lie on it.
  • Doomoo Comfy Big cushion for pregnant women will give would-be mother a comfortable sleep to further serve as a great help when nursing or bottle feeding is needed after baby is born. The product is filled with microballs that allow its perfect shape.
  • Doomoo Rest Easy sloped positioner. In addition to a comfortable sleep position, babies will also take advantage of other cushion benefits that are helpful in case of posseting or respiratory conditions. 15 angle slope is there to promote healthy digestion and breathing in babies. There are two types of cushions in the line: 30cm wide and 60cm wide.
  • Doomoo Buddy multi-functional cushion. Product flexibility gives way for amazing experience during pregnancy while soft material makes further breast or bottle feeding comfortable.
  • Doomoo Cosy Care changing mat features security belts.

All Delta Diffusion products provide excellent help for young parents to enjoy easy baby care, with their little one feeling cozy and safe.

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Where can I buy Doomoo products for newborns?

Feel free to buy products of the Belgian brand at Kidy online shop. Thanks to our direct cooperation with the manufacturer, here you will find a relatively low price and a wide range of new products that are constantly replenishing.

Discover convenience and safety for yourself and your baby with Doomoo products.