Summer clothes for newborns and babies

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173349 SUMMER GARDEN Różowa sleeveless shirt
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173343 SUMMER GARDEN Niebieska sleeveless shirt
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173235 SUMMER GARDEN T-shirt
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Oeko-Tex Standard 100
173193 SUMMER MOOD tunic SUMMER MOOD tunic
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173109 CHARLOTTE skirt CHARLOTTE skirt
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171717 LETS ROCK Black T-shirt LETS ROCK Black T-shirt
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It is somehow troublesome to compose the first summer baby's wardrobe, especially for inexperienced mums. Parents wish comfortable and quality baby clothes to be also beautiful. In addition to clothes checklist, it is necessary to determine the manufacturers that would satisfy quality needs. Kidy is here to help mums and dads in coping with the challenges.

How to choose clothes for a newborn?

When buying clothes for your baby, it is essential to keep in mind that comfort and health of your little one is closely related to the fabric and sewing style of the product.

When opting for children's summer clothing, note to stick to simple though important criteria.

  1. Certified manufacturer. Before the buying, it is important to have a close look at the manufacturer and read detailed information provided. Consider only certified brands of children's goods.
  2. Tailoring. Neither baby nor mum will be happy with hard seams, massive fasteners, buttoned back, or tight elastic waistbands resulting in constantly crying baby and mum’s failing to make him comfortable. It is better to choose zippers or little buttons. Embroidered sets should not disturb baby’s skin with seamy insides. It is considered that summer clothes for babies up to one year that can be unbuttoned in the front or on the side rather than pulled over the head are the most convenient.
  3. Design. Summer clothes for babies often comes in pastel colors. Few colorants provide minimum chemical effect on the fabric, resulting in no irritation on baby’s delicate skin as a response.
  4. High-quality breathable fabric. For babies are very sensitive to temperature changes, they overheat quickly when in hot weather. To prevent the issue just opt for the clothes of proper fabric. Emphasis is put on:
    - Cotton is lightweight, super soft, and hypoallergenic material. Pure cotton fabric causes no irritation and provides full breathability.
    - Merino wool is hypoallergenic, soft fabric featuring unique therapeutic and thermoregulatory properties.
    - Linen batiste is durable and yet breathable fabric.
  5. Size. Parents often buy clothes "to grow into", though, when larger than needed, it is inconvenient to wear. Therefore, it is important to purchase sets just several centimeters more than baby’s height. Newborn clothing size is 50-56cm.

Summer baby clothes checklist

First and foremost, any expectant mother would definitely buy summer newborn clothing for home-from-hospital trip.

For the first trip home, babies born in sunny warm months will need:

  1. Feather-like fancy envelope blanket
  2. Fleece or cotton onesies (depends on the weather)
  3. Cap or hat

This set can be used for future first walks and visits to hospital for routine checkups.

Everyday wardrobe should be more diverse.

Summer clothes for newborn include:

  1. Cotton caps and knitted bucket hats to shield baby’s head from the Sun and ears from wind yet to provide air to skin.
  2. Vests are ideal for cozy home time to let baby’s belly-button heal as the clothes of the kind, with no rough fasteners, fit loose.
  3. Crawlers are also truly desirable for umbilical wound healing period.
  4. Onesies. One-piece jumpsuits are convenient both for walk and home time. Onesie won’t ride up exposing baby’s back. Yet, thanks to the snaps along entire length of the piece, it is very handy for diaper change. Babies up to one year are recommended to have several different onesies, short- and long-sleeved, made of cotton and wool.
  5. Terry and fleece overalls are great for long evening walks.
  6. Bodysuits. Shirts and tops featuring crotch area clasp will be on hand in extremely hot weather. Yet you can always take a pair of trousers, just in case. Both cotton and warmed bodysuits should be available in baby’s wardrobe.
  7. Socks and booties. Those tiny feet should always be warm and cozy. Therefore, even when it is warm, thin breathable socks or booties are to cover those little feet.

Children grow quickly. Therefore, it is unnecessary to buy great deal of clothing at a time. The listed summer clothes for a newborn will be of great use for the first time. You will have to update baby’s wardrobe almost every month. Every stage of baby’s growth asks for minor changes to a baby stuff checklist.

Summer children's clothing for girls includes:

  1. Head scarf (hat)
  2. Sleeveless cotton dresses
  3. Sundresses
  4. Shorts (breeches)
  5. T-shirts
  6. Socks

Summer clothes for boys mean more practical wardrobe:

  1. Cap (beret)
  2. Shorts
  3. T-shirts
  4. Cotton long-sleeve tops
  5. Shirts
  6. Trousers
  7. Tracksuit
  8. Socks


Kidy recommends its customers two brands of children's clothing that meet all the main requirements of thrifty, though, responsible parents:

  • Lorita is a Lithuanian brand producing quality linen, cotton, bamboo, and Australian merino sheep wool clothing for newborns. The company's product range encompasses vests, crawlers, onesies, sleepsuits, bodysuits, caps, and hats. Every collection come in lovely soft tones.
  • Pinokio is a Polish company producing clothing for children from birth to 5 years. Brand’s line of products holds cotton dresses for little trendsetters and fashion shorts for young gentlemen. Pinokio produces uniquely designed sleepsuits, rompers, and onesies for infants. LOVE SUMMER collection is designed in bright, rich colours, especially for summer.

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