Twistshake: style, quality, practicality

Twistshake: style, quality, practicality

An abundance of modern children's brands makes it difficult to choose a manufacturer that would satisfy all parents’ requirements. When choosing the products some consider the aesthetic beauty as the most important aspect, some give preference to high quality, others are worried only about product’s practicality and functionality. Twistshake tried to combine every mentioned aspect to create products that meet parents’ demands around the globe.

What is behind the idea? History of the brand

In early 2011 Vienar Roaks, founder of Twistshake Company, was lucky enough to spend a short time as a babysitter of his aunt’s son. Having spent all day long with the baby Roaks was surprised to discover how troublesome simple baby bottle feeding turned out to be: awkward children's formula bags, clumps stuck in the nipple, challenging washing and complete chaos in the kitchen as a result of painstaking work. It was already the time when Vienar thought that it would be nice to simplify this terribly inconvenient system and thus make life for young mothers easier. But soon the child grew, and the story was forgotten.

The second impetus on the way to the brand was the time when Roaks came across a stranger in the park, the woman tried to feed a crying kid with formula. And here again: awkward bags, measurement of every go and bottles filled with water. The woman was in a hurry when cooking formula for her baby, but a minute didn’t pass by as everything turned lying on the ground making her tot cry even louder. Vienar immediately rushed to help her.

The event refreshed his past experience to make him realize that the problem was not solved; it still needs to be addressed. To verify the idea Roaks held a survey among his friends who became parents just to get his guesses confirmed.

It was the time when the first targets were set to be achieved when creating Twistshake bottle:

  1. Prevent formula clumps that clog the nipple during the feeding.
  2. Help young parents to measure portions of baby’s feeding in a quick and easy way.
  3. Make bottle cleaning an easy task.

These objectives were achieved to reveal the company's first product Twistshake anti-colic feeding bottle.

How Twistshake works

Only people who have children know how difficult it is to take day-to-day care about their little sweeties’ wellbeing while catching up with tackling of everyday issues. Twistshake aims at making lives of young parents easier and thereby their kids even happier.

Product line of the brand is represented with:

  1. Bottles
  2. Nipples
  3. Sippy cups
  4. Storage containers
  5. Pacifiers and accessories
  6. Children's cookware and cutlery

Features of the brand products:

  1. Twistshake takes care about the environment, making its production as safe as possible both for people and nature.
  2. During the production the company tests every product itself to verify safety and quality.
  3. Twistshake trade mark makes babies’ safety its number one priority, so they were the first to introduce products free of Bisphenol A, F, S and phthalates. All products are made of safe polypropylene.

Thanks to close cooperation with experienced parents, the best designers and professional developers the company produces high-level products.

Twistshake products are designed to minimize the troubles of young parents and free up time for having fun with the children. Bright, stylish, high-quality, practical, and safe products of the brand will make any family happier.

You are welcome to buy Twistshake brand products in our online store. Direct collaboration with the manufacturer serves as a guarantee of the authenticity of the products. Affordable prices, helpful consultants and fast delivery are guaranteed.