Hevea Planet - Save Clean Planet for Future Generations

Hevea Planet - Save Clean Planet for Future Generations

HEVEA PLANET is a company that creates environmentally friendly and safe products for kids. In addition, they give old rubber nipples and toys a new lease of life. Thanks to the idea less carbon dioxide is emitted in the air, and, thus, we have the world, cleaner and better.

After baby’s birth, hisher parents begin to worry about many things, starting from home security to global ecology concerns. That is why increasing number of young moms and dads opt for stuff, toys, and household items made of natural non-toxic materials when choosing for their babies. It is great, when it, for example a used pacifier, can be properly recycled. Rubber can be recycled to manufacture other goods.

All the products of HEVEA PLANET are unique. You can come across both classic and innovative variations of familiar products. That is why everything you buy is easy and convenient to use.

What can be purchased and what are the benefits?

  1. Hevea Pacifier. Seamless design. 4 ventilation holes of different design. A large ring.
  2. Hevea also offers teethers. Panda design. Easy to wash. Safe to nibble on. Convenient cutout on the tummy for comfort grab.
  3. Rubber ducks. This non-toxic toy is designed particularly for bath time games. Natural in colour it also mimics natural form. You can play with them in the bathroom. Rubber is soft enough for those small fingers and hands to squeeze it. And yet the toys can be nibbled on. Special patterns on the beak will soothe baby's gums. No cracks or welds. The duck is one-piece item.
  4. Hevea Ball Teether. This is a rubber holed ball. Lightweight, non-toxic, safe. Natural food colorant and coal are used for colouring.
  5. Baby bottles made of borosilicate glass. There is no more worry about the risk of battle falling and breaking. A special leather case will protect it from breakage. Moreover, it is also a toy. A natural rubber teat in set with the bottle. It is suitable for babies from 6 to 24 months. Equipped with a special thread and dust cover.

Parents of more than 50 countries have already chosen HEVEA PLANET products. The manufacturer is absolutely confident in what they produce. This all is possible thanks to detailed quality control every product undergoes. The company works with GHS independent research agency, one of the world's leading companies for testing and analysis. Independent testing ensures that the Hevea goods -teethers, pacifiers and other toys-meet all the required standards in Europe, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand and, thus, are safe for kids.

Buying HEVEA PLANET Company products with KIDY.eu website, you both care about your baby’s health, and contribute to the future. Keep our planet clean for future generations.