ErgoBaby - it all started from a simple idea

ErgoBaby - it all started from a simple idea
We are creating global communities of confident parents who choose for their kids only innovative and ergonomic goods that give way to comfortable and intimate contact with their babies from the very birth.
ErgoBaby team

Ergo Baby, American brand, has been winning the hearts of young parents worldwide for more than 10 years now. Being appreciated like this is not an accident but a result of true commitment aiming at quality product and happy consumers. International Institute has recognized Ergo Baby carrier as the best in hip dysplasia preventing.

Ergo Baby background. What was in the beginning?

A few years ago a young mother named Karin read a book about how children are raised in tribes of India. It was highlighted that mum-to-baby body contact starting from baby’s birth until stage of crawling is the crucial point. In such a manner newborn is better overcoming distress of a cold world full of loud sounds instead of a warm mum’s womb. Baby, being pressed against mum’s body, gets into familiar surroundings, with mother's heart-beating and body warmth to soother himher down. Inspired with the idea Karin decided to find a way enabling her to hold her baby in her arms as much as possible without getting tired. Then she bought several baby carriers, but none met her needs for comfort and utility. Since Karin held a degree in designing, she made her mind to design special baby carrier to cater to all her requirements. Being a physiotherapist, girl’s mum was also involved into the process of creation, dealing with the medical side of the item. The work resulted in a great ergonomic carrier that changed the world of baby carriers and initiated Ergo Baby brand in 2003. Now the company takes pride in a number of awards as well as quality certificates.

Ergo carrier from Ergo Baby: At what age to start?

Millions of consumers adore every ErgoBaby carrier for its convenience, utility and ease of use. The manufacturer recommends ergo carrier for babies weighing 7kg (about 15lb), (5-6 months) up to 20kg (44lb) (3-4 years). ErgoBaby infant insert allows you to place your baby into the carrier like in a cot in order not to strain baby’s fragile spine and support hisher head. It is purchased for newborns not younger than two-weeks as well as for premature babies.

Recent years saw a release of many collections for baby carriers that meet every requirement of young parents:

  1. Original - the very first ergo carrier from Ergo Baby, it made the brand popular.
  2. Organic Ergo Baby carrier is designed in regard with all standards of sustainable production prohibiting any use of harmful chemicals and colorants while manufacturing.
  3. Performance: the outer layer of the carrier is made of polyester, high-quality synthetic fabric; its inner layer is made of cotton.
  4. Ergo Baby 360 baby carrier or ErgoBaby 4 positions is the only model that allows you to carry your child outward to the world (the position is recommended for babies not younger than 6 months).
  5. Adapt is a carrier that grows with your baby, besides no need for infant insert.
  6. Bundle of Joy-complete set, including a carrier and infant insert.
  7. Designer - carriers from the leading designers.

The main strength of Ergo Baby carrier lies in its being manufactured with consideration of all baby’s physiological characteristics. Frog-legged position relieves the pressure from the spine, the effect is possible because of a special sink underneath baby’s bottom.

How to tell real Ergo Baby carrier?

Ergo Baby carriers have many counterfeits, being produced regardless baby’s physiology. As a result they can harm your baby’s health.

Distinguished marks of the counterfeit item:

  1. Price. Fake carriers are cheaper.
  2. The width of the backrest differs. Ergo Baby carrier backrest equals 36cm.
  3. Fake item lacks a product logo on it.
  4. Packaging. The real ErgoBaby carrier is sold in a box, with no additional packages and labels.
  5. Sales of the items already discontinued, with no new in stock. It is enough to look at the official website of the brand to discover if the model is into production or no longer available.
  6. Absence of a verification code that can be found on every original package.
  7. The counterfeits use balled polyester or foam for packing materials that is easily squished when pressed.
  8. There are additional seams on places of joint for the real Ergo Baby carriers.
  9. Fake carriers when straightened are flat and even while there is a sink in the fitting area of the real item.
  10. The user’s manual of the real item is written in several European languages, while in that of the fake item, on the other hand, there are chiefly Chinese characters only.
  11. An unpleasant chemical odour from the product as well as jagged seams suggests that it is not a brand carrier.
  12. A quality carrier has one-level straps.

Ergo Baby Accessories

In addition to production of popular ergo carriers Ergo Baby puts also its focus on other kids goods of high quality:

  • Ergo Baby offers baby pillows for breastfeeding, the item that helps you enjoy the process while you are sitting, with no possible inconveniences of the activity.
  • Ergo Baby offers baby swaddle bag, an excellent alternative to usual swaddling. Now this process doesn’t seem to be complicated any longer. A major part of shred mums have already appreciated this accessory.

A great number of experts in paediatrics and orthopaedics assist to make the brand products even better, so do wishes of the experienced parents the company constantly considering. These are the things that help Ergo Baby produce safe products of high quality. Every word of ErgoBaby reviews is proved; you find this once you start using goods of the brand. You can be sure, physical development of your baby is going well so does your comfort.

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