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173451 4 pcs set ROMANTIC 4 pcs set ROMANTIC
173445 5 pcs set FUN TIME 5 pcs set FUN TIME
173121 CHARLOTTE Fioletowa dress CHARLOTTE Fioletowa dress
68 | 74 | 80 | 86 | 92 | 98 | 104 | 110 | 116 | 122
43.26 €50.90
173115 CHARLOTTE Écru dress CHARLOTTE Écru dress
62 | 68 | 74 | 80 | 86 | 92 | 98 | 104
43.26 €50.90
173109 CHARLOTTE skirt CHARLOTTE skirt
68 | 74 | 80 | 86 | 92 | 98 | 104 | 110 | 116 | 122
21.54 €25.35
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
173103 CHARLOTTE Kwiaty pants CHARLOTTE Kwiaty pants
68 | 74 | 80 | 86 | 92 | 98 | 104
13.04 €15.35

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The natural desire of loving parents is to choose only the best for your child. Especially it concerns newborn clothing. Baby wardrobe replenishing is always troublesome and expensive. So, in this case, there is a simple solution – newborn and baby clothes sale in the online shop, - high quality from famous brands and designers at the lowest prices.

Why do we choose European brands?

When developing baby clothes and toys, the manufacturer must follow a number of rules that will help to achieve high quality and safety of the goods. Time-tested brands are what we choose and advise our customers. The quality of infant and baby clothing from Europe has already been proven by more than one generation of kids and their parents.

The advantages of the European brand:

  1. Wear resistance.
  2. Comfort. Quality clothes are well-tailored, its manufacturers take into account all the physiological features of babies at different ages. Therefore you can be sure that the clothes will not restrict the movements and its seams will not rub delicate newborn skin.
  3. Natural fabrics allow baby's skin to breathe.
  4. Elite baby clothing from Europe has no foreign odor, such as cheap goods from China.
  5. Safety. European clothes are ergonomic, handy and have natural composition.
  6. Beauty and brightness. A variety of colors or vice versa - pastel palette of shades, - everything that develops mental activity of a baby through his color sensation.

Making a choice in favor of European baby clothing, parents can feel totally at peace about health and comfort of their childs.

Assortment of newborn baby boy and girl clothes on sale at

Our catalog contains children's products for all occasions and any age:

  • Newborn baby clothes and accessories from Europe on sale (diapers, soothers, bottles, cosmetics, sleepsuits, bodysuits, snowsuits, footmuffs, toys, etc).
  • Sets for babies (baptismal sets, layettes).
  • Clothing for toddlers (seasonal outerwear, stylish cardigans, jeans, dresses).
  • Toys from the best manufacturers (natural rubber teethers, plush animals, wooden puzzles).
  • Products that lighten the life of moms to be (breast pumps, ergonomic baby carriers, KIDY Baby Boxes).
  • Baby bedding and dishes of high quality and safety.

Why products in our online store are cheaper?

Partnership with suppliers of baby clothes from Europe and direct selling allows us to sell luxury products at prices that much lower than offer other sellers. We can offer a great discount on baby clothes in our online shop. has best baby clothes sales for such famous brands as:

  • Babaluno (England) - cotton clothes for babies from birth up to 2 years.
  • Lorita (Lithuania) – high quality products for babies from hypoallergenic organic materials.
  • Pinokio (Poland) - stylish designer baby clothes for up to 5 years.
  • Lassie by Reima (Finland) – membrane newborn and baby overalls and snowsuits.
  • Flokati (Lithuania) - clothes and bedding of high quality wool.
  • Keel Toys (UK) are cute toy animals that can become a friend for any kid.

Products of these and other brands in our catalog are in high demand in the global market. European brands of baby clothing are leading among other manufacturers.

Newborn baby clothes online sale at

Even the best baby clothes sales cannot offer such low prices on famous brands as our shop. There are some advantages of buying with us:

  • Cheap baby clothes don’t mean bad quality – we offer premium European baby girl and boy clothes on sale online.
  • Significant savings in family budget allows you to purchase 2 things instead of 1.
  • Our shop has several payment methods and worldwide delivery.

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