Hape Toys. Educational wooden toys.

Hape Toys. Educational wooden toys.

Toys contribute a lot into the development of children. Children perceive and learn the outside world primarily through role-play activities. Therefore, choosing the very first toy for your kid, it is preferable to opt for the one that will promote proper development of your baby. This category includes quality Hape wooden toys.

History of the company

The company's founder, Peter Handstein, grew up in a German country town. His family brought him up in deep respect for family values, honesty and compassion for people, as well as love for nature. These qualities are reflected in company’s activity and in toys, it produces. Peter began his business as a regular commercial agent. He had to visit kindergartens and educational institutions, communicating a lot with qualified teachers resulted in clear idea of what kind of toys should be given to children for them to develop in a harmonious way. In 1986 Handstein founded his own Hape Company. First time it supplied children’s pre-school institutions with toys. Sabina, Handstein’s sister, as well as his best friend, Renata Geey, helped him while developing his business. Subsequently, thanks to its high quality Hape baby toys, Company became increasingly popular. At the moment, Hape toys are the world most popular wooden eco-toys.

Wooden educational toys: Why are they useful?

Dolls, stacking toys, animals, blocks: all this was once made only of wood. Our grandmothers and grandfathers played with wooden soldiers and horses, imagining a fairy-tale world or battlefield. This is the first reason wooden toys are so valuable - they develop imagination. Ability to imagine is good for a child, as it forms outside-the-box thinking in the future. This kind of brain-work helps person while dealing with many issues. Bamboo toys are smooth to the touch and have positive effects on baby’s emotional and mental development, passing its warmth and invigorating energy to baby’s finger receptors. In addition, natural material allows you to smell the product odor, feel its density and structure, thus developing tactile sensations. Hardness of wood stimulates baby’s fine and gross motor skills, thereby promoting speech development.

How to choose a toy for baby’s age?

To provide harmonious development of the baby, hisher age should be taken into account when buying wooden toys:

  • From 0 to 1 year old. Children of the age only begin to explore the world, developing rapidly, each month they master new skills. That is why shape sorters, staking toys, toy blocks, push cars, sound toy (Hape piano, Hape xylophone, rattles, etc.) are useful for the period. It is important to keep in mind that toy parts should be big enough to prevent kid from putting them into hisher mouth and choking as a result. For this age you can choose bright Hape wooden blocks.
  • From 1 to 3 years old. Babies of the age need more complex educational toys, for example: large jigsaw puzzles, mosaics, counting frame, mazes, puzzles, wooden toy house. For one-year-old kids Hape Big Active Cube is a perfect toy, since it aims at baby’s full development.
  • From 3 to 6 years old. Role-playing activity is crucial during this period. So, people and animal action figures as well as household items, such as Hape kitchen set, Hape table and chairs, transport, are suitable for the time. We can offer you Hape furnished dollhouse or Hape car to meet this age needs. Mentioned above puzzles will also do great, though of the corresponding complexity for the age.
  • From 6 to 8 years old. Social games take leading position. To suit the age they may be elaborated with small components and sophisticated erector sets. You may consider Hape play kitchen accessories as well as Hape play food or Hape cash register as great real-life additions to the games.

Hape Toys: Play and develop

At first glance it seems that Hape wooden toys are no different from other similar products. Why then do parents worldwide choose this brand?

Hape Toys have a number of advantages:

  1. All the toys are made of eco-friendly materials, mainly of bamboo. Safe, non-toxic, water-based paints are used for the colouring of products. This provides your baby with maximum safety. The packaging is made of recycled paper.
  2. Each product is uniquely designed.
  3. Best Hape Toys are created involving qualified educators, psychologists and environmentalists.
  4. Consumers distinguish product durability and quality wearing. Such toys can be handed on from generation to generation.
  5. A wide product range, the company offers, allows buying Hape kids toys for any child age.
  6. The product conforms to the world quality standard and has many certificates confirming this.
  7. The simplicity of design leaves space for imagination to fly, thus developing person’s creativity.
  8. Bright colors influence formation of correct color perception, helping quickly learn to distinguish color palette of the surrounding world. Bright toys are especially useful for babies under one year, as kids of the age still cannot distinguish shades.
  9. Hape wooden toys are easy to care for: it is enough to wash them in warm water with baby soap.
  10. Hape children’s toy is a great gift for a baby, it is right both for boys and girls; its ingenious look and brightness will please any toddler.
  11. Buying Hape toys you not only make your baby happy but also do your bit while preserving exhaustible resources.

Peter Handstein when creating his company, aimed at pleasing and nurturing the younger generation, while maintaining clean environment for them. These principles still define production of safe quality toys to account for only resource-saving technology. Such an approach cannot but evoke respect and love for Hape baby toys which delight children all over the world for more than 30 years.

You can buy Hape wooden toys at affordable prices from us. We provide high quality at low prices. Ensure proper development of your baby using Hape Toys like a million moms worldwide with no regrets at all.