Merino Wool Baby Clothes

Merino woolen clothes for newborns and babies. Warmth and comfort for the littlest ones.

Each mommy is constantly worrying about her child: whether he is full, whether he feels well and whether he feels warm. When dressing a child up to the place where no mommy’s control is possible, for example, to the kindergarten, it is very important to know that he will not feel cold and will not sweat as it is an essential condition of health. Merino wool baby clothing is a wonderful decision to avoid such doubts. We have some information for you to understand why merino wool is so unique.

Merino woolen clothes for children is healthy and warm

Merino sheep is a special sheep breed from Australia which is widely bred nowadays in European countries. The main peculiarity is thinness of the wool which allows to make a very thin thread and further a very thin natural woven linen with unique characteristics.

Let us see what special features of organic merino wool baby clothes are:

  1. Very thin fiber does not allow the bacteria to multiply. Merino wool is hypoallergenic, no dust mites live in it. It is a very big plus to help caring about your baby’s health.
  2. For a new baby merino wool clothing is able to maintain so-called “comfortable temperature” despite the environment which excludes possible exposure or overexposure to heat of a child.
  3. Before fabric manufacturing the wool is overworked naturally without any chemical means.
  4. Only natural or none coloring agents are used.
  5. If your baby was moving too much and has sweated, merino wool children's clothing can draw moisture aside and save your baby’s comfort.
  6. Special features of merino wool allow baby’s skin to breath absorbing smells at the same time.
  7. The thinness of merino wool allows to put it on your baby even when first layer.
  8. Anatomical cut of newborn merino wool clothes adds comfort when wearing.
  9. Merino wool childrens clothing can bring positive emotions both to mommy and baby for a long time not losing its characteristics.

Very thin and silky merino woolen clothes for children is a certain must have in a child’s wardrobe! You can not worry: you child will never feel cold in such clothes. And don't forget about merino wool baby blanket!

How to buy merino woolen clothes for children?

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