Reima & Lassie overalls for newborns and babies

Reima & Lassie overalls for newborns and babies

More than 70 years on the market. Finnish autumn and winter overalls for children with the patented Reimatec & Lassietec system.

169209 Winter overall Marte Magenta Purple
169203 Winter overall Marte Black
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169173 Winter overall Langnes Black

SIZE/ HEIGHT (cm) 62 68 74 80 86 9298
AGE 2 months 3-6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months 2 years
3 years
CHEST GIRTH (cm) 46 47,5 49 50,5 52 5456
WAIST GIRTH (cm) 48 49 50 51 52 5354
HIP GIRTH (cm) 53 54 55 56 57 5860
ARM LENGTH (cm) 22 24 26 28 30 3234
INSEAM LENGTH (cm) 21 24 27 30 33,5 3740,5

Kid’s winter jumpsuits Lassie by Reima – Finnish practicality for any weather

As soon as children are present in the household, mummies are becoming constantly concerned about baby’s dressing in seasonal clothing, not to let them get a cold in winter or autumn. Fininsh snowsuits Lassie by Reima is a real value for parents from all over the world. Neither snow nor wind can get to the baby and at the same time Lassie winter clothes will provide a full comfort and freedom of movement. We will tell you a little bit about this manufacturer and why Lassie overall is always the right choice for you and your little one.

Lassie by Reima is an affordable quality

The history of the Lassie brand, like almost all the histories of well-known brands, starts with the family story. So, in the middle of the past century in a small town of western Finland, the family business started its work for baby’s winter clothes production. In a couple of decades, Lassie company has taken the love of parents and children. That is not surprising, as even in a severe Scandinavian winter, having a Lessy overalls, you can put your mind at rest; the baby will not freeze, catch a cold or, heaven forbid, get wet. At the same time, the brand registration takes place. And then, a little while later, in the 1980s, the brand is repurchased by Finland's most famous clothing brand – Reima. For Lassie, that was another significant step forward. All the products, including Lassie by Reima jumpsuit, became even more technological and innovative.

Just at this time a mandatory tests have been introduced, that all children’s snowsuits have to pass:

  1. Air permeability (breathable properties).
  2. Waterproofing (water-resistant).
  3. Toughness (at breaking).
  4. Rubbing (static).
  5. Colour fastness (for the wash and friction).
  6. Shrinking (when washing and cleaning).

Only those overalls, which have passed all these tests perfectly well, can get the brand name Lassie by Reima. It has not changed even over half a century: the quality is constantly growing thanks to ever-growing innovative developments.

To the beginning of the new millennium Lassie Company was walking steadily around the world by gaining new fans of their jumpsuits, seeking a brand title and producing one of the best membrane clothing collections for children at an affordable price.

Lassie overalls: which one would be your choice?

Like any other baby clothing the brand Lassie by Reima classifies its jumpsuits on the basis of several factors:

  1. Seasonality.
  2. Colour.
  3. Sexual identity.
  4. Coloration.

However, there is one feature for which membrane clothing is classified depending on manufacturing technology.

Well, the Lassie overall can be:

  1. LASSIETEC. Special emphasis in this clothing has been placed on wind resistance, as well as waterproofing. Such a thing will suit a cutie in any weather, depending on what season it is purchased.
  2. LASSIE RAINWEAR. This clothing was specially designed for wet rainy weather. Your kid won’t get wet for sure.
  3. LASSIE-SUPRAFILL. Unique Lassie clothes that are made due to a technology of water and dirt repulsion, provided with a special waterproof membrane.

Apart from innovative technologies, every snowsuit Lassie, as well as demi-season one, and even fleece or semi-overalls Lassie by Reima have also an excellent design work. All the models are thought out carefully to ensure that both children and parents will love them.

For example, any jumpsuit Lassie by Reima for a little man with stars, stripes, geometric pattern, in astronauts or without any pattern is perfect for winter frosts. Bright male colors will make a little trendy happy and at the same time mom will not be troubled with an extra care. Among young researchers is very popular a dark blue Lassie winter overall with the stars – an excellent option to explore the unknown and make new discoveries without fear of getting wet, freezing and leaving home too soon.

Lassie snowsuit for a baby girl in no way lag behind the boy’s one in relation to warmth and comfort, but as for the color palette, here it’s a quite different – pink and lilac tones will not remain indifferent any little princess, so daddies can be relaxed, even the most strong wind and cold can not scare his little sunshine. Young beauties will appreciate, of course, the light green or pink overalls Lassie by Reima – both colors ensure that this model will be the most notable during any walk.

There are variants of Lassie jumpsuits with pandas or foxes, which are presented for boys and girls both, as well as in unisex flowers. Funny teddy bears or foxes are always happy to keep a company for a walk to your little crackers, causing all adults smiling with loveliness.

For the smallest, Lassie overalls with the transformer design are going to fit perfectly; it can be in white or blue colors. Such a jumpsuit is easily converted into an envelope for more convenient transportation in a stroller, and when your baby travel, for example, in an automobile chair; you can turn again the envelope into the jumpsuit with legs, using a zipper.

So, by purchasing a snowsuit Lassie by Reima for your child, you can be completely sure in providing him with a comfort and yourself with calmness when rain or shine. In these items everything is thought out for mobile kids, whom far better to walk, rather than stay at home.

Having toddler’s jumpsuit Lassie, it is always:

  1. Totally waterproof material.
  2. Windproof and breathable clothing.
  3. Smooth lining.
  4. Detachable hood with a secure fastening and clip.
  5. A long comfortable zipper.
  6. Elastic elements on the cuffs and waist.
  7. Removable feet loops.
  8. Retro-reflective elements.

Each kind of such a detail provides a security to your child and it is always the most important thing when choosing infant’s Lassie clothing.

However, there is not only Lassie snowsuits exist. The company also produces models for warmer season.

  • Demi-season Lassie overall is just an indispensable option for the autumn-spring period, when it is getting warmer, but still cold winds are blowing and it’s raining.
  • Fleece models of Lassie jumpsuits are very stylish. They can be bought as an interlayer under the winter clothes and also as a separate item of your kid's wardrobe – for walking in cool dry weather. Their softness and convenient tailoring will not leave adults as well as little kiddies indifferent. High-quality polar fleece, which is used for manufacturing each fleece overalls Lassie, is very soft and gentle, but at the same time it is warm and dries very quickly after washing, that makes this material perfect for long active walks.

The model range of this company is really very wide, that’s why each parent will be able to choose his own Lassie snowsuit by Reima. The feedback on all Lassie products in overwhelming majority is positive, which is really exciting and allows you to feel free in shopping.

We will help you to obtain maximum benefit from buying Lassie by Reima overalls

Lassie Company is very popular among parents, which is not surprising based on undeniable advantages of these products. We suggest buying Lessie by Reima snowsuits in our online shop, as the store is located directly in Europe and it purchases goods directly from the manufacturers. If you would like to buy Lessie by Reima with a discount - our sale page is waiting for you. Come to us and enjoy comfortable shopping, buying the best, at the best price!