Babaluno clothing for newborns and babies

Babaluno clothing for newborns and babies

NB Up to 1 month 50 cm
Up to 10 lbs (~4.6 kg)
0-3 Up to 3 months 56-62 cm 10-14 lbs (~4.5-6.4 kg)
3-6 3-6 months 62-68 cm 14-18 lbs (~6.3-8.2 kg)
6-9 6-9 months 68-74 cm 18-21 lbs (~8.1-9.6 kg)
9-12 9-12 months 74-80 cm 21-24 lbs (~9.5-10.9 kg)

Beautiful branded clothes of high quality is a necessity not only for adults, but also for the little kids. Such wonderful clothing is offered by Babaluno brand. It is specially made for parents willing to surround their baby with love and care not forgetting about the appearance. Usually it is difficult and expensive to buy foreign brand clothing. But today very pleasant terms are offered by our online shop for Babaluno clothing.

Babaluno - charming clothing created for babies’ comfort

Babaluno brand is made in Great Britain. They say it is the best brand in Europe of the highest quality. Babaluno Baby constantly maintains its right to be number 1 in the most comfortable and safe baby clothing manufacturing that is why only positive feedback is received from the buyers who pay lots of attention to quality.

Babaluno produces children’s clothing which always meets next unbreakable requirements:

  • All the garments are designed in such a way, that a baby feels comfortable at day and night time, when active or still. No item hobbles, lifs up, draws or shifts.
  • All the clothing produced under Babaluno brand is made from soft, tender and 100% natural materials. It means that it is hypoallergenic and does not injure sensible baby’s skin. In addition thanks to usage of high-quality raw materials all the garments are wear-resistant.
  • All the Babaluno clothes are designed in bright and happy but not harsh colors with charming decorations. Those looking for something special will surely appreciate this brand.
  • Babaluno offers all the sizes for babies from 0 to 24 months.
  • There are all the necessary items in Babaluno’s collection: newborn sleepsuit, bodysuit, set for different occasions, winter and summer overall, etc. All this can be found at our website.

You will appreciate purchasing of Babaluno clothing at our online shop

We have already experienced how troublesome it can be to constantly provide a baby with all the necessary things and clothes. That is why we have created the best conditions for making purchases for parents and other persons concerned at our website.

  • Babaluno’s clothing can be bought at really low prices in our shop, as we cooperate with Babaluno factory directly.
  • Should you want to order several items of Babaluno children’s clothing you might receive a discount which would make your purchase even more adventurous.
  • Wherever you are, we will organize the delivery saving your time and nerves.
  • All Babaluno garments can be paid in different ways for your choice and comfort depending on your wishes and possibilities.
  • The widest range of Babaluno’s items can be found at the pages of our online shop.

We invite you for Babaluno clothing for new babies

We offer all these wonderful items at exclusive prices and with delivery. All Babaluno items can be bought individually or by small or big wholesale. Should you purchase the clothes via wholesale account, you will be provided with advantageous offers of different kind.

We do have both the main collection and all the new arrivals. You and your baby will definitely love these clothes. Look through Babaluno items at the pages of our online shop and you will immediately fall in love with these lovely cute things.