Twistshake anti colic feeding bottles

Twisthake baby bottle is ideal to be combined with regular breast feeding. Each feeding-bottle includes practical formula container as well as a net preventing clump formation. TwistFlow is a unique system, which prevents baby colic and ensures a steady flow of fluid. Twist shake baby bottle features a wide neck to facilitate easy cleaning. It also stands out for a handy design and heat-retaining property.

A bottle by Twisthake is a breakthrough in the world of children's goods, which at the moment has no analogues. This is the first product of the company with tremendous work preceded its launch starting with a simple survey of the parents and resolving into cooperation with the best experts.

Twistshake anti colic feeding bottlesDepending on the wishes of the young moms and dads, production of unique Twistshake feeding bottle consisting of multiple parts was arranged:

  1. Silicone anti-colic nipple features physiologic shape. Designed individually for each age, it features different flow speeds. (XS (0 +); S (0+m); M (2m+); L (4+); Size 6 m+). This approach enables you to use the bottle along with breastfeeding without fear that your kid will prefer the bottle.
  2. Net that makes it easier to stir the formula, breaking the clumps and preventing formula flow interruption.
  3. Bottle. Available in different sizes: 180ml for S size (0+); 260ml for M size (2m+); 330ml bottle for L size (4m+).
  4. Formula powder container (100ml) accelerates and facilitates the process of preparing meal for baby. What you have to do is to pour formula powder into the bottle filled with water and mix it.
  5. Airtight cap.

The nipple of the bottle is equipped with an anti-colic valve (TwistFlow system)Twistshake bottle: Advantages

  1. Eye-catching, stylish design;
  2. Easy wash;
  3. Free of phthalates and Bisphenol A;
  4. The product is resistant to low and high (up to 100 degrees) temperatures;
  5. The bottle is dishwasher and microwave oven safe.
  6. Precise dosing scale.
  7. The nipple of the bottle is equipped with an anti-colic valve (TwistFlow system).

Separate parts of stylish bottles can be mixed to create your new bright Twist shake bottle.