Twistshake pacifiers and clips

Silicone Twistshake pacifier is an effective sedative for a baby. Each nipple has a bright and fashionable design to please not only kids but also adults. The pacifier is made of safe and soft silicone and contains no noxious impurities.

Main features of silicone Twistshake pacifier:

  1. Orthodontic shape. Allows you to use a pacifier while breastfeeding without worry that your kid might develop malocclusion.
  2. Pacifier shield has four vent holes to prevent your baby from skin irritation.
  3. More than 10 various colours.
  4. Available in two sizes: for babies from 0m + and 6m +.
  5. Thanks to the perfect shape of a shield, a pacifier can easily be grabbed and held.

The brand produces special clips to keep the pacifier around, handy things when you are out and about. This accessory will not allow the nipple to get lost. All-purpose chain is suitable both for Twistshake pacifiers and other binkies.

Properties of Twistshake pacifier clip:

  1. Chain and clip are made of safe plastic and textile.
  2. The ring is easy to remove from the item in order to fasten a pacifier by another manufacturer.
  3. The clip is securely fastened to baby clothing.
  4. It perfectly complements the colour range of Twistshake pacifiers.
  5. Manufactured in accordance with EN-12586 European standard.

The manufacturer recommends you to store Twistshake pacifier in special containers of the company. This accessory lets always have an extra pacifier at hand.