Clothes for baby girls from 1 to 6 years

(86 - 122 cm)

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
141831 2pcs FRUITS shorts set
135051 2pcs MEOW shorts set
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353 White bodysuit
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Clothes for girls. Make your little girls of fashion happy

When a new baby girl is born you should get ready that amount of clothes in your home will grow twice. Mommy should think about developing little girl’s taste from birth. Purchasing new apparels for your daughter remember that it will develop her desire to be beautiful in future. But when choosing clothes for little girls you should never forget about main rules of choice of clothes for babies from 1 year. You will find everything you need from socks to upper clothes in our online shop. You will surely appreciate our prices and delivery terms.

How to dress up girls older than 1 year?

One year has passed very quickly and your little princess has grown. Now the choice of clothes for her also changes. The girls of this age are moving a lot that is why the most important rule is that clothes should not cause any discomfort and disturb freedom of movement. Also you should choose natural hypoallergenic materials for your toddler. The safety of children’s clothes stays at the first place at any age. Please, pay special attention to fasteners and appliqués. There should not be anything sharp that could cause any discomfort.

So, what should be included in your daughter’s wardrobe at such age?

  1. Dresses. Surely, it is the most adorable item for any girl. The choice is really wide and depends on the season. Light dresses are good for summer and warm knitted dresses will be perfect for winter.
  2. Socks, tights and knee-height stockings can be of different colors and will be widely used for various combinations with skirts and dresses.
  3. Jeans and trousers. Not only boys are scamps, the girls can also be real tomboys and these items will be highly appreciated when going for a stroll.
  4. Bodysuit or T-shirt, shorts and skirts are a must for summer time.
  5. Sweet pyjamas and other home items are ideal for home time. Do not forget that your princess shall always look beautiful.
  6. Upper clothes should also be chosen in accordance with the season. Light sweaters and jackets for spring or autumn and warm snow suits for winter.

Colors of clothes play an important role when choosing items for a little girl’s wardrobe. As it is already the time when you develop your baby’s taste. It is important that different items suit each other and make good combinations. Majority of producers make the whole product lines of suiting colors which can make the process of clothes choosing much easier. You can purchase the whole product line or several items adding them with items from different collections.

Where to buy apparel for a young lady at a reasonable price?

Mommies are usually a very busy category. They value every minute and want to do everything planned and be able to have some time with family and children. Offline shopping can really waste your time if you have internet connection. Our online shop is always ready to help mommies and daddies and also grannies and granddads! We offer european baby girl clothes of high quality by the best brands at reasonable prices. We work directly with manufacturers and this allows us to have very good prices. You are always welcome to shop!