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Baby and infant bodysuits

At last, we can make careful parents happy. That is because now you have the possibility to buy baby bodysuits in our online store with fabulous assortment. We guarantee that we have the largest selection of bodysuits for babies up to one year old. Here you can find both branded and more common clothes. We have gathered an unbelievable amount of various brands from many countries. In our store, you can buy bodysuits for babies cheaper than in other stores, because we purchase them directly from the manufacturers without any intermediaries. We offer you the best infant bodysuits, because your children deserve only the best.

How to choose a bodysuit for a baby

Here are several pieces of advice how to choose a bodysuit for an infant for those who does this for the first time.

  • Temperature regulation system of an newborn differs from the one of an adult drastically. That is why the clothing must be warm, but breathable.
  • Please note how to select baby bodysuits depending on the type of fastener. Smaller children require more fasteners to make the changing of clothes more comfortable. This is also true for location of fasteners. Baby bodysuits with snappers on the back are suitable for older children, who do not lie on the back. As for infants up to 3 months it is advised to buy bodysuits with snappers along the entire length, so you can put them on over the head.
  • Choosing long sleeve baby bodysuit or a bodysuit with a neck for a cold weather make sure that you have selected the right size. It is unacceptable if any part of child’s body is constricted.
  • Please, do not choose any unnatural materials. The fabric must not damage delicate newborn skin nor block the access of oxygen. For example, when buying knitted baby bodysuit, please, turn your attention to its composition.

Clothes to put on together with baby bodysuits

Modern baby bodysuits are the most convenient clothes that can successfully substitute shirts and blouses. The main difference is that bodysuits have fasteners between the legs.

This location of fasteners has two main advantages:

  1. Garments don’t go up or slip down, so there is no discomfort for a child.
  2. It is very easy to change diapers.

If you have the question regarding what to put on together with baby bodysuits or how to wear them – the answer is easy. In warm season or at home the bodysuit can be put on as a separate number (baby shirt bodysuit). In summer, you can put on socks and a cap, and you are ready for a walk. In other cases, they can substitute t-shirts or blouses, that’s why it is advisable to put a bodysuit on together with pants, tights, jumpers, etc. Sleeveless baby bodysuits may be used instead of underwear with warmer clothing.

Which bodysuits for infants you can buy in our online baby store?

  • We have baby bodysuits with long sleeves, with short sleeves as well as sleeveless ones. You can also choose models for summer, winter and in-between-season.
  • Many parents prefer unisex clothing for their children. We also have charming bodysuits for newborn boys and girls with simple and cute design.
  • You can also select various types of fasteners depending on age and activity level of your child. Baby bodysuit with snappers on the shoulder, below, on the back or along the entire length.
  • If you prepare to become parents, please note that bodysuits for discharge from maternity hospital are the most modern, convenient and practical garments. They can be bought as a set or separately.
  • We can also offer special models with additional pieces for convenience and attractive design. Baby bodysuits with mittens are suitable for active children that tend to get rid of excessive clothes. And for those want to dress their little daughter for a festival we recommend to buy dress bodysuit for infants.

These are only several examples from massive list of various baby bodysuits you can buy here. As we said earlier, we have the largest selection of models and designs, from the simple and affordable to expensive and elegant. We know for sure that you will like our shop. Just look through our catalog and you will easily buy newborn clothes online.