HEVEA PLANET 100% Natural Rubber Safe Pacifiers

HEVEA PLANET pacifiers are 100% ecological product. They do not contain PVC, BPA, phthalates and synthetic dyes. They are soft and provide tender hand feel. Equipped with uniquely designed, butterfly shaped vents, they keep bacteria away with no vacuum around baby’s mouth. Besides, stylish FSC certified paper packaging makes these pacifiers a wonderful choice for a gift.

Many moms face the dilemma when opting for a pacifier. Every model is considered for safety and out-of-the-box design. Research among parents and work with graphic designer have proved Hevea nipples to reflect all the wishes of young parents.

Many parents have already bought Hevea pacifiers for their kids. They can be noticed in photographs of celebrities’ children.

What's the advantage?

  1. Seamless design of the entire product. And that means no excess dirt to stack up.
  2. Ring is big enough to accommodate fingers of an adult. This aspect is very important when it comes to baby’s safety.
  3. Beautiful, lovely air vents prevent the vacuum around the mouth. In the variety of stars, moons, cars, crowns, flowers, and ducks you are sure to find the style for your baby.
  4. 100% natural material.
  5. No artificial dyes, PVC, phthalates and bisphenol A.
  6. Comfortable ergonomic butterfly-shaped shield will not interfere with those little nose and chin of your baby.
  7. Made of soft and delicate material.

What are the rules to follow when choosing a pacifier?

  • Make sure what shape is better for your baby. Symmetrical, round, or orthodontic one.
  • Opt for the size: 0-3 or 3 +. For kids who tend for a very big nipple, there is L model in size plus.

Usage tips

  1. If you have noticed that your old soother got much bigger in size, this can happen for several causes. The first reason is when the pacifier is made of natural elastic material. The size may also be changed as a result of long usage (our tip is to have a new pacifier every other month). Improper storage/sterilization as well as intense and frequent sucking contribute to the pacifier to look much different from its original way. According to manufacturers it is better to buy several pieces to keep in store for the future.
  2. When the nipple begins to "peel off" it signals that it is high time to be substituted. It is not a good idea to have such a pacifier. Keep in mind, natural pacifiers should only be sterilised in boiling water.
  3. The time to deprive your baby of hisher pacifier depends on every particular kid. It is recommended to renounce on pacifier not later than when your baby is 3 years old.
  4. It is ok if the binky will darken over time. For rubber is a natural material that features change in color when some time passes.
  5. The pacifier you purchased feels oily and smells? There is a way out, just boil it. To prevent drying out dummies are covered with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Note, that the scent is a natural feature of rubber.
  6. HEVEA PLANET pacifiers meet all required quality standards. All European quality standards, as well as quality standards of United States, Australia, and New Zealand are followed according to independent tests and experiments.