Newborn short sleeve bodysuits

Baby lightweight short sleeve bodysuits for the summer

What can be more functional and practical for a baby and his parents than a short sleeve bodysuit? This invention in the industry of children's clothes is truly one of the best. Nothing excessive, the clothes do not crumple and do not bulge, the baby feels comfortable in it, and it is simple for parents to change it.

Short sleeve bodysuits are the most flexible clothes for newborns

For hot summer weather, this type of clothes for babies is the most optimal. It is better to buy several newborn short sleeve bodysuits. They come in different types, from the ones that babies can wear every day to formal. Short sleeve bodysuits can be an easy replacement for small boys’ and girls’ light blouses, pants, summer dresses and others. In summer, the baby should not wear anything except the short sleeve bodysuit. That way your child will be sufficiently protected, but he or she will not sweat. When the cold eventually comes, do not hurry to hide such a great clothing piece in the wardrobe. In winter and in the off-season the short sleeve bodysuit for children perfectly serves as underwear.

Types of newborn short sleeve bodysuits

The common features of all bodysuits boil down to the lack of sleeves, the lack of trouser-legs and a fastener between the legs of the baby.

The rest is classified by the fastener and the way they are put on the baby:

  • Baby wrap bodysuit with short sleeve is the best option for newborns and infants. It is much easier to dress up a child without doing unnecessary manipulations with him;
  • Short sleeve baby bodysuits with a fastener on the shoulders is also a good fit for newborns. It's very easy to put it on over baby’s head, and thanks to the fastener, nothing falls down and stays where it should;
  • For older children, you can buy bodysuits that are fastened only with two buttons on the shoulder. They have a narrower neck, but they hide more of baby’s skin;
  • Shirt-like short sleeve bodysuit is a stylish and convenient option for little fashionmongers, preparing for that important or festive event. They are fastened with 3 buttons or snap fasteners at the front and decorated with a pretty collar.

Cute newborn shortsleeved bodysuits are available right here, at our baby store!

We, as always, make our customers happy with the constantly great quality of children's clothing. However, as for the summer bodysuits, we will try to surprise you with the variety of looks. Whether you want a bright bodysuit or white, monochromatic or with perky prints – here you will find a good selection of models with short sleeves supplied to us directly by manufacturers.