Rubber ducks for bathing

Bathing fascinates and captivates kids of all ages. Whilst rubber toys are an integral part of children's water activities. The most common companion for children's bath time was and remains a bathroom yellow duck.

What danger is hidden in poor-quality bathroom toy?

Bathroom rubber duck is easy to buy as it is sold in almost every baby-goods store. The only confusion is about quality and price. Most parents consider neither manufacturer nor material from which bathroom duck is made whether in pink, yellow or other colours, just choose the brightest toy and rush home to delight their baby.

But such unconcern is hiding a real threat to baby’s health:

  1. Poor quality material won't last long giving way to soon cracks.
  2. If your product has holes constant damp air will become a breeding ground for pathogenic mold growth inside the toy.
  3. Every time your kid nibbles on the duck when playing, the mold easily penetrates the body to start active damage of his immune system.
  4. Toys of questionable production are non-elastic and fragile, so your baby can easily bite a little piece from the product as soon as the front teeth appear and choke with it.
  5. Cheap dyes often contain harmful chemical impurities that can get into the body of your child.

To prevent harm to baby’s health, you should select bathing sets for a child thoroughly.

What is the way to choose a toy for bath time?

Bathroom toys are always disposed to wet environment, in addition baby nibbles on them a lot. That is why it is crucial to be confident of the goods quality.

Rubber duck for bathroom is to meet the following criteria:

  1. Made from quality rubber
  2. Has no holes
  3. Covered with safe water-based dyes
  4. Quality bath time duck doesn’t smell with syntactic rubber
  5. Tested certified manufacturer

We at Kidy care about our customers, thus provide them only the best quality products. Shop assortment includes brand bathroom ducks that have received multiple consumers’ recognition and excellent quality awards:

  • Lullalove Lithuanian brand produces clothing and toys only from safe materials. ROAL DUCK for bath time is not an exception. The collection stands out for remarkable style and unusual for children colour combination of black, red, and white; besides, duck’s head is decorated with a golden crown. Moms of the young trendsetters will appreciate this product the way it deserves it.
  • Rubber duck ALFIE by Hevea Planet, the manufacturer presets rubber toys in natural yellow colour, without painting. Soft rubber yields easily to those little hands, contributing your baby in a way of fine motor skills development. Ribbed waves on a beak are designed for those little tots going through teething gums. There are no holes on toy duck, so no way for water to get inside, and, thus, no maleficent mold.
  • KAWAN Rubber Duck (by Hevea Planet). This product series is painted with safe natural dyes. The duck doubles up as a teether and has no holes, so it is quite possible to be taken into the bed just from the bath, previously wiped dry with a towel. This toy is likely to become a true friend to your little one.

Rubber duck for bath time by quality manufacturer has a number of advantages over Chinese counterfeit:

  1. Durability
  2. Safety (baby can nibble on the duck)
  3. Natural materials, phthalates, PVC and Bisphenol A free
  4. Unique style

You need to dry the toy after water activities to have it last for long.

There is only one trick when it comes to high quality it is product price. Brand toys are more expensive. But don't skimp with quality, save money with affordable prices our online-shop offers. cooperates directly with manufacturers, no intermediaries to have our prices lower as compared to other stores. Besides, we at Kidy arrange constant promotions, rebates, and sales. Safe rubber duck is waiting for meeting to make friends with your baby, we know it for sure.