Ergonomic Infant Toddler Carriers

Ergo Carrier Provides You With Comfortable And Safe Solution

Many days prior to the birth of the baby would-be parents are busy with layette arrangements, getting ready for the long-awaited event. Things are settled up just in time for the happy moment, but in a pair of months it turns out that not everything needed was considered. Baby is growing and gaining weight impetuously, thus making it rather a challenge for mom and at times for dad to lug their precious little one around.

Ergo baby carrier is a perfect solution. We welcome you to our store in case you have already realized the necessity of the buy. We offer you the most affordable prices and guaranteed quality for our ergo infant carriers. You find yourself lost at what to rely on while choosing such a thing: we are here to answer all your ergo carrier-related questions.

Ergo Carrier: Pros And Cons

But before we reveal you some major points, it is worth while mentioning what an ergonomic carrier is and how to tell it among a number of devices used to hold babies, such as sling wraps and kangaroo baby bags.

Ergo carrier is also called sling carrier or physiological baby carrier; the major difference from other holders is that once you know how to set your tot, you both are completely safe with carefully chosen carrier. Looking for your perfect ergo baby carrier in our store, it is a great use to know that this product, on the whole, was designed, combining the best from sling and kangaroo baby bags, to meet caregiver’s needs.

What makes difference between ergo carrier and sling or kangaroo bag?

A number of advantages that make ergo carrier different from its counterparts:

  1. Baby carrier works great comparing to a stroller when you need to use public transportation whether bus, tram, or metro.
  2. Where it can be tricky for either a stroller or a sled (in winter) to go through, no barriers are found to block your way when you are wearing your baby carrier.
  3. Your dearest one will definitely like to be close to you naturally positioned and soothed with your heart beating rather than sitting all the way in not that welcoming stroller.
  4. With hand-free option mum can do things around while close to her child.
  5. Nothing prevents baby’s head from turning around, so your child can explore this wide world.
  6. No need of slogging your way up- and downstairs or stuffing into elevators.
  7. There are many baby carriers designed for back babywearing as well, allowing caregiver to enjoy hiking or biking.
  8. Front outward position gives your special explorer much more to deal with.
  9. A majority of carriers are made from sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics safe both for mom and baby.
  10. Ergo carrier maintains a healthy way for baby’s spine and hip joints. This is one of the main benefits of ergo carrier.
  11. Special design of ergo carrier allows to wear your baby all day long as opposed to kangaroo baby bag with strictly limited time for babywearing.
  12. Broad shoulder straps distribute baby’s weight evenly over your whole body when you have your baby carrier on, with your low back being supported by wide, purpose belt, thus your hips take some of the pressure with your back performing great for extended periods of time.

Ergo carrier cover makes this gadget definitely all-in-one thing when it comes to whims of weather. This shield keeps cold, wind, rain, and snow away from your child, providing comfortable, longer time of being outside during cold-day walks.

What Age Should Be My Baby To Be In Baby Carrier With Me?

Ergonomic infant carrier is design to be used for newborns from the very first day and up to two-year-old toddlers. The numbers are relative though, it all depends on the weight; there are parents who are wearing their baby this convenient way much longer. So now you are obviously willing to know the maximum weight. There are child carriers allowing more than 30 lbs child in.

If you are going to use newborn carrier with infant just after its birth, you should choose the holder with double care. Suitable carrier will have infant insert aiming at proper physiological position and head support for your baby. Buying top quality baby carrier is of utmost importance and once you learn how to use it, you will be within a community of happy parents. Those who practiced baby carrier usually leave thumb-up comments.

What Ergo Carrier Is Best For Me?

To answer this question let us share with you the way to single out suitable item, and it will be up to you to decide which one is the best option for you and your baby.

Whether you are deciding among some of the variants or have already set your mind to buy one please be advised there are tons of factors more crucial than color and price, usually the biggest concern of most parents.

When choosing keep in mind such factors as follows:

  1. Age of your baby. If you are determined to buy ergo carrier suitable with three or four-month-old infant, be sure to check if there is special infant insert as a set. When you intend to use it with older baby, pay your special attention to the height of the back board – too short is of no use - such baby carrier will fit your baby not for long.
  2. Fabric cannot be neglected. The most appropriate option is natural, sustainable cloth.
  3. Color. Not too bright as your baby may dislike it. Soothing, neutral shades will do best.
  4. Design of ergo carrier means certainly much. It is considered suitable when it lets your baby take physiological position giving way for healthy spine development.
  5. Width of hip belt and that of shoulder straps also require your prime concern especially given the importance of the weight being distributed from back to hips while babywearing. You feel no pain in your back and can enjoy intimate time with your baby for a long time.
  6. Optional extra as a set. Mosquito net and bad weather hood are useful accessories to get with your carrier.
  7. Season: you should take into account whether you are going to use it when it is cold or warm outside. You can find multi-purpose, breathable or extra layered baby carriers.

What Is The Right Way To Wear My Baby In Baby Carrier?

So you have bought your first ergo infant carrier. The first thing to consider when you are going for a walk with your baby is the right positioned little. Experts proclaim unanimously that the main task for caregivers is to learn how to use their baby carriers.

These things are major to bear in mind:

  • Frog-legged position with heels and hips on the same level, bent knees upwards and buttocks towards parent. Please, pay attention to the legs; they should not be too far apart.
  • You should not allow for the far spread legs just to dangle down without thighs being supported; this way hips are backwards, receiving major pressure, which is unacceptable.
  • Legs should be positioned symmetrically to provide healthy spine development.

If you are intending to have your baby close to you in the carrier, you should follow these simple rules.

What Is The Right Way To Put On My Ergo Carrier?

The first time you want to put on your ergo carrier, it is better to have someone to assist you. In the future, once you have mastered the maneuver, there is no need to ask for help.


  1. You need to put on your empty baby carrier and wrap the belt around your waist, but before you fasten it, please make sure to pull the buckle through safety elastic ribbon, preventing carrier from fall, in case buckle is broken or unfastens suddenly. It is recommended to fix the belt lower your waist line, around your hips, to have your baby’s weight evenly distributed.
  2. Now it is time to put your baby carefully in suitable, front, frog-legged (mentioned above) position behind the safety back board.
  3. You should hold your baby with your hand while putting straps one by one.
  4. Next you need to fasten back straps. It is better when you manage to do this on your own the first time, it is an easy task.
  5. After you are done with the steps described above, please make sure your baby’s position is right. It is very important to remember it is frog position, at times called swaddle or spread squad position. In case your baby is placed other way, you should do your best to set your baby properly. You should pay special attention to baby’s back and neck; try to fix them neither too tight nor too loose. Baby’s back is supposed to be in a physiological position.
  6. When all the requirements are followed, it is high time to explore the world around!

Can I Wear Baby Carrier In Winter?

Parents usually want to know - how to wear baby carrier in winter. Nothing sophisticated indeed. You just need to decide on suitable clothing both for your baby and yourself; now you are ready for a walk.

Babywearing is definitely convenient in winter – no need to pull heavy, bulky stroller through snow piles, besides you will share your warmth with your baby shielded with protective winter cover. There is one more essential rule to keep in mind: when opting for your shoes, give your preference to slip-proof soled, secure shoes. No need to put too much clothes on your baby, but just enough to keep him/her warm, cozy, and active with legs and arms going up and down freely.

How To Buy Ergo Carrier Reasonably?

Ergo baby carrier is considered to be an essential device to purchase; its price ranges depending both on the manufacturer and store. In our online store you can find reasonable prices and top quality offers from the most reliable, tried and tested manufacturers of kids and parents goods. We are always here to assist you with detailed, thorough advice or product and delivery information before you decide which gadget to buy. It is easy and cost-efficient to shop with us.