Baby Sippy Cups

Sippy cup is a container with a lid, on which there is a dispensing nozzle. This simple item is of a great help when it is a high time for the child to stop using their bottle in favor of a regular cup.

What does the child need a sippy cup for?

Most pediatricians share the conclusion that there is no particular need for an item. One can do perfectly well without it.

Though benefits of non-spill cup are hardly possible to skip:

  1. It is there when you are ready to wean your baby or it is time to say good bye to the bottle.
  2. When challenging baby’s hand-eye coordination and adjusting the right cup-mouth way, it gets your little one ready for using a regular cup. From the very start your baby discovers a sippy cup there is no need for you to worry of choking of spilling. This way your little darling enjoys more freedom as opposed to a regular cup.
  3. Sippy cups appear convenient when you go for a walk or travel.

The advantages you gain when using a non-spill cup are obvious. In case your child says no to it, you can always remove the lid and turn the item into a normal children’s mug.

At what age should I introduce a sippy cup to my baby?

The manufacturers mark the youngest age on the items as 4 months, though mind that cases differ.

You can let your little one use a sippy cup when heshe has mastered:

  • sitting without assistance
  • head control
  • grabbing and holding things

The experience mentioned about is usually gained by 6-month-olds. For the reason, there is no point for early use of the item.

How to make sippy cup use a routine?

Sippy cup brings up a new way to getting liquid, no sucking is needed. But what is a way-out when kids don’t feel like drinking this way? It is a common practice that makes parents get back to bottles and teats.

For the case experienced mums and dads came up with a solution:

  1. Consider buying bright print items or curiously designed to catch baby’s eye.
  2. There is a little trick to arise baby’s interest: when seeing that mum or another adult is using a sippy cup, baby can’t help but willing to try it on hisher own.
  3. A great array of non-spill cup types provides items to meet the taste of any kid. Those too keen on sucking may enjoy straw sippy cup or a training option. Silicone dispenser is possible to become an excellent replacement for a teat.

If all these arrangements failed to charm your baby, you are to put the item aside and get back to it a little later.

What to rely on when choosing a sippy cup?

Baby-goods manufacturers currently offer a huge selection of sippy cups for little ones. Every parent should decide which one to opt for, considering main benefits and drawbacks of a separate product of the category.

Baby sippy cup types:

  • Training model goes equipped with handles and two nozzles on the lid: a teat (for 3-4 month-old babies) and a spout intended for 6-month-olds.
  • Baby spill free cup is fitted with a purpose silicone valve leakage free lid to keep the liquid safe inside. Non-spill cup is a great choice for the walk and travel time, it can be used to still thirst while being in bed for the flow is slow like that of a baby bottle. This type facilitates baby’s way to mastering a regular cup.
  • Straw sippy cup is a traditional design that features a straw instead of a spout. An effortless drinking stands out for a benefit of the model on the one hand and on the other, it is really challenging to clean it with sterilization and get rid of food debris.
  • Traditional sippy cup for babies features silicone (plastic) spout and comfy handles. Light in weight and unsophisticated in look, it makes the sippy cup stand out among others. Though it isn’t spill-proof when tipped over accidentally. It looks more like a regular cup and is suitable for home use only.
  • Insulated sippy cup designed to preserve the temperature of what is inside for a long haul. Double walls of the container coupled with swappable leakage free lids keep outside cold and heat away. This item is a win-win option when going out for a walk.

Prior to buying a sippy cup for your baby note the following features:

  1. Material. The safest plastic sippy cups are marked with a high temperature sign. Alternatively, you may also consider bamboo and silicone items. They are the same lightweight and easy to boil. But bear in mind, silicone is not that durable as plastic.
  2. Age labeling. The manufacturer marks every item with age label for it to be used according to age recommendations. It is essential to pay special attention to the marking, for sippy cups for the smallest ones weigh less, feature silicone pierced spout, whereas those for one-year-olds feature bigger size, capacity, and holes on the spout.
  3. Colour. When opting for bright, colourful sippy cups, take into account colorant used. With food grade dyes, allergy and poisoning risks are much lower for the cases when dye is mixed with food during heating.

Restrain yourself from buying a sippy cup at the retailer that you know little about. The best way is to shop at purpose baby-goods outlets or chemist’s.

Kidy recommends: Sippy cup manufacturers

The manufacturer’s name is of great importance and should be considered before purchasing as well. To rest assured you have the best quality sippy cup, consider the trademarks that gained their reputation and positive reviews from a number of happy customers. Kidy baby-goods online shop collaborates only with best companies.

The goods directory includes sippy cups by:

  • Twistshake (Sweden). The brand products are created following surveys among experienced parents, and their wishes. This way has already resulted in colourful Twistshake sippy cups. Baby is attracted with a vibrant design, while the most demanding parents are happy with a safe, A, S, F bisphenols-, phthalates free composition. The brand sippy cups feature ergonomic, easy to hold shape, and a spill free cover that yields to the efforts of those curious explorers. Twistshake sippy cups fall into groups by age guidelines: Mini Cup v2 after 4-6 months, convenient handles (230ml); Crawler cup after 8 months (300ml); Kid cup after one year (360ml).
  • Tommee Tippee (Great Britain). The company has being operating since 1964 to display high-quality of English brand throughout the world. The products are developed by the best specialists in allergology, dentistry, pediatry, and children’s nutrition. Many safety awards prove there are no harmful components in the product composition. Tommee Tippee spill free sippy cups provide you with comfort and positive usability experience.
  • Munchkin (USA). For about 30 years on the market, the manufacturer has worked out 180 patent-proved products. The mission of the brand is to make life of young parents easier. Munchkin sippy cups are lightweight, bright, and ergonomic. The assortment of the company includes an unparalleled model — 360° spoutless sippy cup that allows drinking from either side.

You are welcome to buy sippy cups of these and other brands at The shop product range is constantly renewed with time-proved items by world trusted European manufacturers that wise mums rely on. Kidy offers only best top-notch sippy cups for your little beloved.