Baby tableware

What is the right tableware for the little ones?

Every person has his own crockery, so should the kid. Household items that adults use are not suitable for kids who are just learning to do things on their own. To help your baby master the ability to eat without mom and dad’s help, it is reasonable to purchase special baby tableware set for himher.

Children's tableware for meals: Which to buy?

There is such a variety of different dishes in the world. They differ both in the way they look and the raw materials from which they are made. Manufacture of children's plates and cutlery uses several basic materials: metal, enamel, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, bamboo, and plastic.

  • Nickel silver, stainless steel, and silver children’s tableware sets are considered to be the safest. Security and usability are the main pros of metal dishware, but it is rather suitable for cooking meals. Do not consider choosing aluminum — it is harmful both for children and adults, because when heated and contacting with food it emits noxious toxic substances.
  • Children's enamelware is safe, but only when the enamel isn’t damaged. When damaged it should not be used.
  • Children’s glassware-plates, glasses, and so on get broken easily and turn heated quickly. Therefore, such items of kitchen utensils should be kept away from children of under 3-4 years.
  • Children's porcelain tableware is beautiful, eco-friendly, but fragile, such crockery is clearly not for the awkward children's hands. One of the main advantages of porcelain is still worth underscoring; this is its feature to maintain food temperature unchanged for a long time. So, for example, cold is cold for long and the same story for hot.
  • Ceramic children’s tableware is easy to use and safe, as it does not react with food. But ceramics is sensitive enough to rapid changes of temperature; therefore, it requires particular care.
  • Children's wooden utensils may seem ideal for a child: it is made of natural material and is not fragile. But the disadvantage of wood is its porosity asking for this tableware to be carefully disinfected after each meal, otherwise bacteria and other microorganisms, invisible to the naked human eye, can “settle” there.
  • A set of bamboo tableware is an innovation for modern moms. Pressed bamboo is lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, safe. Besides, bamboo tableware is always quite bright, the factor children cannot but enjoy. Though such sets are not microwave oven and dishwasher safe, the feature that modern moms regard as a clear disadvantage.
  • Now children's plastic tableware is the front-runner, it is easy to clean and don’t suit for live microorganisms to multiply on its surface. The only condition should be considered when you buy plastic dishware is high-quality, as cheap plastic is harmful to humans.

Children's plastic tableware

Children's plastic dishware is the most popular as compared to plates from other materials.

The reason for this could be a number of advantages such goods have:

  1. If your kid pushes a plastic plate from the table, it is will not get broken.
  2. Plastic is easy to wash.
  3. Plastic plates are lightweight.
  4. They do not turn hot from hot food, so your child won’t burn himself.
  5. Bright colouring evokes children’s interest.
  6. Microwave-oven safe.
  7. Dishwasher safe.
  8. Children's plastic tableware is break proof.

But there are several drawbacks of plastic: limited service life combined with inability to retain heat.

Most manufacturers produce such plastic dinner sets for children that are able to facilitate feeding process:

  1. Divided plates with separate sections for different types of dishes. This kind of dishware is suitable for pasta and salad, or porridge and patty. Such plate stands out for there is no need to put several plates on the table.
  2. Tableware for babies featuring additional heating section, which is a special container under main dish, where hot water is poured.
  3. Chameleon cup: changes color depending on the food temperature.
  4. Children's sucker dishes or anti-slip rubber bottom tableware is a popular type of baby feeding bowls. Such mechanism prevents the plate from sliding over the surface of the table.
  5. Children's dinner set featuring pictures on the inner bottom of the bowl to give a child an incentive to eat all the porridge to see the image.

Thus, we sum up that plastic dishware is a suitable option for kids who are on the way to get the hang of eating on their own. Awkward movements and unwillingness to master a new skill will be beaten with strong, anti-slip, and bright baby plastic plates.


Similar to plates, children's cutlery sets are made of different materials.

But the most comfortable and safest for children are:

  • Tableware for children from 6 months, a set should include silicon spoons for they are perfect for the first complementary feeding. Silicone is safe when used with hot food and does not hurt tender baby’s gums.
  • Children's silver table set will take care of baby's health, since silver perfectly disinfects food, destroying germs and bacteria. But it is worth noting that this metal is very fragile and demanding, therefore, it requires constant diligent care.
  • Plastic lightweight spoons are not heated by hot soup.
  • Children’s stainless steel cutlery. Silicone handle spoons and forks are especially popular for they do not slip when held in children’s hands.

When deciding on the material of children's tableware set, the main thing is to pay particular attention to the manufacturer, a country of production and product quality.

These brands have already earned the trust of buyers:

  • Philips Avent — cutlery for independent boys and girls.
  • BebeConfort presents spoons and forks that change colour depending on the temperature of the food.
  • Tommee Tippee is for cutlery sets for children of different ages.
  • CHICCO introduces supplies made of plastic and stainless steel with anti-slip insert handles.
  • Twistshake for complete children’s sets of bright kitchen utensils, trays, anti-slip mats, cups and sippy cups of high quality food grade plastic. The brand has also presented collection of children's tableware for girls in delicate pink and in blue for boys.
  • CANPOL Babies — tableware for children under one year (plates, forks, spoons, cups) of high-quality plastic, made both in bright colours and neutral shades.

How to choose a high-quality plastic dishware?

Aside of obvious advantages of plastic there is a lot of hidden pitfalls. Therefore, not to harm the fledgling immune system of your child with noxious chemical substance poisoning this little body, you need to carefully choose children’s dishes and use them correctly:

  1. Food grade plastic is marked with fork and glass sign. If the sign is crossed, the dishware is not intended to be eaten from.
  2. Tableware marked with PS contains polystyrene. Such plates are not suitable for hot food and are not microwave oven safe.
  3. Most safe plates have PP letters (meaning polypropylene) and there is figure 5 in the triangle. The plastic does not emit harmful substances into food when heated and is ideal for children’s dishes.
  4. Dishware with no marking is better to leave on the shelf.
  5. You cannot use plastic after expiration date (approximately 4-5 years).
  6. Melamine marking reports that melamine was added into the plastic. The substance is dangerous for the fragile immune system of the child, for when heated it emits formaldehyde into food. If you want to buy such dishes, note using them only for cold food.

Having considered each of these aspects when purchasing, you will be assured that tableware your child is going to eat from is eco-friendly.

Children's tableware: Where can I buy it?

Children’s tableware must meet all quality standards, so to buy it in specialty stores that ensure authenticity is certainly the best way.

You can buy children's dishes in online store, offering reasonable pricing, quality products and quick purchase. Direct collaboration with popular European brands, whose products pass a number of quality control tests, ensures that all products are genuine and safe even for newborns. Affordable price and delivery to any city of the world stand for a pleasant award for care about the health of your baby.