Christening clothes for newborns and babies

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A purchase for special occasion: clothes for infant christening

Most of today’s parents are diligent about conduction of all religious customs and rituals regarding their children from their birth. Often, these events and activities require special attributes. For example, christening or baptizing, among other things, requires having special clothes for a child. You can buy clothes for your baby’s christening right now at our online baby store that has a wide range of religious clothes for babies.

Types of clothes required for the christening ritual

In fact, there are no unified rules that apply to every situation. All mandatory requirements are discussed individually with the pastor or other church officials.

Although, there are a number of common features that the clothing for child’s christening must possess:

  • Simplicity, because it is just christening, not a grandeur secular event;
  • Clothes must be lightweight, because they will get wet;
  • Spaciousness, to restrict movements and to not interfere with the process;
  • Finally, only bright shades or simple white colored clothes should be used for christening.

What types of newborns’ christening clothes are available?

Such clothes are not necessarily required to look ceremonial, they may as well look like everyday clothes – family can choose it themselves. Clothes for the christening of a boy or a girl might not be gender specific, or they might have small decorations to highlight the gender of the baby if necessary.

The most common types of christening clothes are are:

  • Christening shirt;
  • Christening dress;
  • Christening robe;
  • Lightweight christening overalls;
  • Children's christening sets.

The latter option is the most popular one. It includes the entire list of required items. Please note: the christening set for the girls and boys are different in appearance. You can even buy a christening set with the towel included in it.

Where can I buy christening set or separate christening clothes?

You do not need to contact specialized stores or companies to buy christening clothes for your baby. You can simply order christening or baptismal sets and children's clothes for christening from our newborn clothing store online. There are beautiful christening sets in our catalogue, which you can choose to make your baby’s christening more festive and memorable.