Elodie Details Baby Fashion World

Elodie Details Baby Fashion World

Elodie Details is Swedish designer company with expertise in clothes and accessories that are able to highlight distinctiveness of every child. Company team brilliant designers create stylish as well as functional goods for babies and their mums alike.


Elodie Details was founded by a young mum Linda Sätterström, inspired by her daughter Elodie. When the little princess was born, her mum, similar to many other parents, was searching the market to find something adorable and unique. Everything available in shops lacked in elegance and zest. Only little bears and sailing boats flaunted to decor the clothing, while the accessories were nothing but boring.

Driven by the desire to make her little beauty special, Linda started making her own dummy clips. A young mum didn’t intent to create a mere dummy holder, but truly lovely and stylish detail.

It was the onset of cooperation with local retailers. Dummy clips from Sätterström gained popularity all over Northland in a trice, with a positive feedback from happy mums resulting in Elodie Details Company incorporation in Stockholm in 2006.

At the moment, the company has a wide range of products for babies, with delivery to 35 world countries. Linda is the company senior designer busy with creating trendy things and accessories for children around the globe.

Why is Elodie Details the choice of a great many mums?

Our life is made of tons of small details to adorn daily routine and distinguish one person from the other, no matter the age, twenty year old and two year olds alike want to express themselves with own opinion, taste, preferences in clothing and accessories they choose to make it look even better. Parents are there to help their children emphasize their distinctness.

Elodie Details products mean:

  1. Quality and safety (all products comply with recognized European standards).
  2. Style and beauty (every collection is created with fashion trends being taken into account).
  3. High functionality and convenience.
  4. Uniqueness (company outstanding designers do their best to create clothes and accessories).

The company provides young mums with a chance to compile exclusively gorgeous images for their children to accent their tune and disposition.

Product range

Elodie Details goods being released in collections makes them perfect matches within the product line. Inspired both by her motherhood and the world of haute couture, Linda is able to create magnificent infusions. Here you can see classic Yves-Saint Laurent polka dot, Dior's special graphics, and pastel colours that are all the rage now. Sätterström keeps up-to-date with the latest trends to embody them in children's accessories, toys, and clothes.

Brand key products:

  • Elodie Details Baby Bedding (Pillowcase and duvet cover). Oeko-tex 100 certified soft and dense percale cotton is used to manufacture the product. The items go in soft tones, with graphic ornament for some sets.
  • Elodie Details Snowsuit Bag can serve as a baby sleeved envelope for newborns and a jumpsuit for older children.
  • Elodie Details Stroller Baby Bag. Its detachable faux fur trimming will shield from wind, while water and wind resistant surface will keep freezing cold away from toasty warm baby when out for a walk. Special tailoring prevents the envelope from slipping. The product features purpose harness slits.
  • Elodie Details Baby Pacifiers are intended for babies after 3 months. Apart form stylish unique design that will be an excellent decoration for any child, the soothers feature orthodontic suction teat made of high-quality silicone. All products meet EN-1400 European quality standard to prove harmful substances-free composition.
  • Elodie Details Pacifier Clip serves as an elegant, stylish ornament for a little lady and gentleman or a playful princess and restless fidget. Elodie Details dummy holders stand out for an elastic ring fitting almost every soother and metal clips to ensure the item being attached to clothes in a reliable way. The products meet EN-12586 standard.
  • Elodie Details Baby Bib goes in different inimitable styles to match any look. The product line includes two types: BabyBib (made of PVC-Free polyester materials; it features a pocket for crumbs) and DryBibs (with a waterproof film between two layers of cotton). The first option is designed to save clothing from meal splashes, whereas the second is an ideal way for those keen on making saliva bubbles when outside.
  • Elodie Details Soft Blankets will last long indeed. The assortment is made up of velvet, fur, bamboo, knitted, and waffle blankets.
  • Elodie Details Snuggles include cute animals (chiefly bunnies, but also monkeys and little lions) to become the first friend to your baby. Muslin Bunny for a little one to snuggle with just before falling sound asleep (complies to EN71 standard).
  • Elodie Details Beanie. The product line contains hats for various seasons and styles. Woolen knitted beanies are there to shield from autumn winds, while fur caps to warm baby’s head when it is freezing cold outside.
  • Elodie Details Baby Mittens features waterproof surface.
  • Elodie Details Backpack delivers style, quality, and uniqueness to be harmoniously combined in every product. Fancy colours and cute prints will catch both girls and boys’ eye. A spacious main pocket can be fully opened to facilitate while storing large pieces. There is an upright, insulated pocket inside to house a bottle. Wide padded straps allow even load for shoulders, besides additional magnetic lock belts are used to prevent slipping from those shoulders. Every backpack goes with a thermo material seat cushion to be just at hand when the distance is too long to go without a bit of a comfortable rest.
  • Strollers and related accessories let you have mitts, bag, organizer, and raincoat in matching Elodie Details style.

The brand assortment also provides goods for mums:

  • Elodie Details bag for mums is practical and multifunctional, and, most importantly, looks unique and fashionable.
  • Capacious handbag organizer.

These are logo accessories that match items from children's collections.

Where can I buy it?

Kidy invites you to buy Elodie Details first-class, style products to cherish your baby. We cooperate directly with the company to offer our customers only ingenuine goods at reasonable prices. Kidy provides only the best to delight its customers. Underscore individual style of your child with Elodie Details accessories .