Wool plaids for newborns and babies

Plaid is a thing that will come in handy for every newborn baby. No kid will do without a warm and soft plaid that will keep warm at night and during walks at low temperatures.

Wool plaid feature

The most popular are plaids made of such natural material as wool. Wool plaid is perfect to tuck your baby in when it is bed time.

Natural wool plaid: Benefits

  1. They keep warmth.
  2. Lately, knitted woolen plaid for newborn is used rather for a receiving plaid. These plaids look nice and fancy.
  3. Natural eco-friendly material is a guarantee of security for delicate newborn’s skin.
  4. Woolen plaids are lightweight, extremely benefiting infants.
  5. Wool is breathable; letting air in and out it reduces the overheating risk when child is sleeping.
  6. Wool plaids are wear proof.
  7. You can also put a wool plaid in the stroller to prevent your baby from getting cold.

Before you consider buying wool plaid, it should be borne in mind what animal wool was used to manufacture this plaid. Children's skin is very sensitive, so a wrong choice may entail not only discomfort for a baby (plaid could prove prickly), but an allergic reaction. To make the right choice, you should know what types of wool are used for baby plaids. The same choice you need to do, if you would like to buy baby wool blanket.

Sheep wool plaids

Sheep wool plaid for newborns. It is the most accessible material on the market today. This material plaids are warm and easy to care. But there is one explicit disadvantage — sheep wool can cause allergies at allergy-prone children. Besides, buying a plaid, you should pay attention to the quality of the product; otherwise it may bite making your baby dislike the wrap. Only high quality, properly treated wool product will be good for newborn baby. Such material includes merino (Australian sheep) wool. Children's merino wool plaid is a great gift for an allergy-predisposed child, for being among hypoallergenic materials.

Merino wool plaid for babies (as well as organic merino wool baby clothes) has many benefits:

  1. thermoregulation feature
  2. it does not absorb odors
  3. merino wool calms down and improves sleep
  4. It helps colic babies
  5. durable
  6. moisture balance
  7. lightweight
  8. soft and nice to the feel

Camel and alpaca wool plaids

A more expensive alternative of merino wool wrap is alpaca (small pet llama) and common camel wool plaid. Properties and advantages of these two materials are virtually identical to that of merino. The only difference is that camel wool plaids weigh less and are thinner than that of sheep wool.

KIDY store product line offers baby wool plaids to please every taste. High quality and reasonable price will impress any buyer, whereas softness and creative design will delight both parents and kids. Wool newborn plaid is a great gift on baby birthday serving little one for many years to come.