Snowsuits for Babies from 6 Months to 1 Year

In winter warm clothing is the key to long and healthy outdoor walks in spite of low temperature. Caring parents are trying to make the coldest season as comfortable as possible for their children. For the purpose quality winter baby snowsuits come at hand.

Why snowsuits?

The benefits of winter snowsuits for babies under a year as compared to pants and jacket are obvious:

  1. Pants may go down whereas jacket up exposing kid’s back to cold.
  2. Cold air gets easily inside the jacket from underneath.
  3. You put on snow suit in no time.
  4. In most cases the jacket and pants are quite bulky, thus, restricting baby’s movements during a walk: your little one is constantly falling.
  5. Snowsuit weighs less benefiting for both mom, who sometimes carry her little sweetie in her arms, and for baby making those first steps in snow with ease.

Deciding on baby outerwear it is more reasonable to give your preference to winter snowsuit for babies from 6 months to 1 year for this is the best option to create a warm and comfortable winter.

Lessie Finnish Snowsuits

Our online store assortment includes Lessie brand high quality snowsuits. Lessie is the best winter baby snowsuit. The Finnish brand products are leading in the world market.

Thanks to the distinctive properties of the outfits experienced moms choose Lessie snowsuits for their kids:

  1. Beautiful and original design.
  2. Strong material increases the durability of the product.
  3. Water-repellent and windproof properties allow no worries when it is snowing and raining with cold gusts in tow outside.
  4. A removable hood and beautiful trimming (artificial fur).
  5. Sleeve and pants cuffs equipped with elastic bands to protect your little one from snow getting underneath during playtime.
  6. There are reflective inserts on the clothes.
  7. Long zipper facilitates easy-on and easy-off.
  8. The product itself is lightweight enough not to restrict the movement of your baby; this is especially notable when your tot is just on his way to master an independent walking.

KIDY online store offers your to buy Lessie snowsuit for baby, the clothing from a Finnish brand:

  • FLOWERS - winter floral print pink snowsuit for baby girl up to a year and 1-year-old.
  • ASTRONAUT - blue astronaut print winter snowsuit for one-year boy.

Lorita Merino Wool Onesies

Clothing from Australian sheep wool is a wonderful choice for kids’ underwear in winter.

Properties of Merino wool onesies:

  1. Quality, noxious impurities free production from Lorita, a Lithuanian brand.
  2. Soft fabric neither irritates nor bites baby’s skin.
  3. Thermoregulation properties of wool prevent your baby from over- and under heating.
  4. Good moisture absorption.
  5. With warm Merino wool onesie there is no need to expose your little one to multi-layered bundling so, as a result, your baby feels free and happy when out and about.
  6. The clothing stands out for no demanding care is needed to make it last long and nice.
  7. Merino wool is known for its hypoallergenic properties, so the clothing fits even sensitive skin.

In our online shop you can buy winter snowsuit for baby at attractively affordable price. Check out social medias for our discounts, promotions, and contests to have the best bet. Purchasing with us is truly simple: our friendly website managers will answer any question whereas convenient payment options and shipping worldwide will make receiving your order really quick.