Footwear for newborns and toddlers

Shoes for newborns? That’s right, we sell those in our baby clothes shop!

You probably asking yourself a question, do babies really wear shoes? They do, actually. It's just that the shoes made for the newborns are a bit different from what people, who can firmly stand on their feet wear. And, if you did not know about that, the variety of children's shoes for newborns will simply amaze you. Of course, if you intentionally chose for this category on our online baby store, then you won’t have any problems picking up what you need.

What sorts of footwear for newborns can I buy today?

  • Knitted footwear for newborns that everyone calls “booties”, the ones that grandmothers usually knit for their grandchildren;
  • We offer soft and spacious winter footwear for newborns in case of a cold or freezing weather;
  • Would you rather prefer fashionable or cute and funny footwear for newborns? Not a problem. There are many options with unique designs to choose from that can be worn at home or outside. We have in stock footwear with printings, or even three-dimensional figurines of cartoon characters, animals and many others;
  • Footwear for newborn boys and girls imitating adult footwear became popular recently - booties that look like shoes, sneakers, high boots and others;
  • Along with elegant and funny options, the vast choice of children's shoes for newborns includes practical socks with rubber or silicone soles, which are designed to make first steps of your baby more confident;
  • Tiny summer shoes for toddlers, similar to slippers or sandals are also available;
  • If you are buying your first shoes for your baby, you can choose simple booties without unnecessary decorations.

How to choose the correct shoe size for newborns?

Many parents are concerned that the smallest size they can find will turn out to be much larger than the leg of their baby. However, you should not be worried. The size of shoes for newborns is usually selected according to baby’s age in months. If you are still in doubt, you can do this the other way – by measuring the length of your child’s foot. In any case, you can buy footwear for babies starting from size labelled "newborn".

Where can I buy pretty and high quality shoes for newborns?

The easiest way is to place an order right now and buy shoes for newborns in our baby online store. The catalogue of our website can be a great replacement for a whole store of children's footwear for newborns. With the difference, that there is no need to leave your house and you can pay in several convenient ways.