Organic cotton clothes for newborns and babies

Organic cotton is a natural and safe material used for production of clothes for newborns

Newborn babies require special and thorough care. There should not be any rough seams inside the clothes, only specific types of laundry detergents should be used and everything must be clean and sterilized. However, what if clothes are not properly sterilized? After all, ordinary cotton blouses and slips may not be that harmless. We offer you this wonderful clothing for newborns made from organic cotton.

Why is there so much noise around bio-cotton for newborns?

Clothes and other household items made from ordinary cotton that many people had at their homes a few years ago were in contact with hazardous chemicals that deteriorated the quality of the cotton during picking, cultivation, and processing into finished fabrics.

Organic cotton is safe for newborns, and that is why:

  1. Pesticides or fertilizers are not used during the growth of bio-cotton because they can leave small amounts of dangerous chemicals in the finished fabric;
  2. Herbicides, defoliants and other potent chemical agents are not used in the production of organic cotton baby clothes. This ensures that there is no traces of harmful chemicals and significantly improves the quality of the finished fabric;
  3. Cotton is picked manually, not by machines, so only the clean cotton fiber separated from poisonous cotton seeds, is used in production;
  4. Organic cotton is perfectly suited for babies because final fabrics are not chemically treated and colored only with hypoallergenic dyes;
  5. Choosing clothes made from bio-cotton for your baby you also help to save our planet by supporting ecologically clean industry.

Organic baby clothes made in Europe is your right choice

In our online store you can find a lot of adorable little clothes for your baby made from this ecologically clean material. You will love all of the products that we offer in the catalogue for their cute design and ergonomics, which are not only of great quality, but also made by famous and reliable brands.