Hooded towel for new born babies

After my bath I try, try, try
To wipe myself till I am dry, dry, dry

First bathing of a new born baby

All babies love splashing in the tub. They can do it for ages! New born babies do not begin to enjoy it at once and first bathing can become a real stress for them. That is why it is so important to create the general friendly and comfortable atmosphere among those bathing a baby for the first time. From long ago much attention was paid to the first bath practically equating it to magic ceremony conducted to protect a baby against the evil spirits and to endow her with health and long happy life. Nowadays such a ceremony is rarely conducted with all the details, but even the parents knowing nothing about the traditions always feel a special responsibility bathing their baby for the first time. Usually bathing ritual was turned to in difficult situations seeking to wash the sickness off the baby or simply to calm her down before sleeping.

What should be prepared for the first bathing?

With considered preparation first bathing will bring only positive emotions to your baby and will form positive relation to water. Well, what will you need?

Actually, not much:

  1. Baby tub. But you may also bath your baby in a big tub, it will give her more freedom of movement;
  2. Hooded bath towel for newborns;
  3. Baby cream or baby oil;
  4. Clean nappy;
  5. Fresh clothes.

When bathing a baby for the first time it is not necessary at all to use the soap or bath foam as the main purpose is not to wash a baby but to present her with a first contact with water. And hooded towel for new born babies is a must which will allow you to wrap your little bunny with it to feel warm and cozy. You can easily choose a wonderful soft and cuddly bath towel which will surely suit for first contact with water in our online shop.

How to choose a bath towel for a new born baby?

Soft towel for a new born baby is hooded and lets you put it on a tiny head preventing slipping-off. Wrapped in such a towel your baby will feel as cozy as she felt in womb. Special attention is surely paid to material. When producing bath towels for new born babies only natural materials are used. They are hypoallergenic and do not cause any irritation. That is why baby towels are always soft and cuddly.

Where to buy hooded bath towel for a new born baby

If you are choosing a hooded bath towel please be sure that all the towels in our website meet all European standards and regulations that is why you may not worry about their safety. All you need to do is simply choose what you like and your baby will certainly appreciate your choice!