Excellent quality and perfect style by brand Minoti

Excellent quality and perfect style by brand Minoti

Minoti Newborn Size Guide

0-3 Up to 3 months 56-62 cm 10-14 lbs (~4.5-6.4 kg)
3-6 3-6 months 62-68 cm 14-18 lbs (~6.3-8.2 kg)
6-9 6-9 months 68-74 cm 18-21 lbs (~8.1-9.6 kg)
9-12 9-12 months 74-80 cm 21-24 lbs (~9.5-10.9 kg)

Minoti Toddler Size Guide

6-12 6-12 months 68-80 cm 49 cm 47 cm 52 cm
12-18 1-1.5 years 80-86 cm 51 cm 49 cm 54 cm
18-24 1.5-2 years 86-92 cm 53 cm 51 cm 56 cm
24-36 2-3 years 92-98 cm 55 cm 53 cm 58 cm
36-48 3-4 years 98-104 cm 55-57 cm 53-54 cm 58-61 cm

Very long ago passed the times when the only thing that worried mommies was warmth of the baby. Little one was dressed in anything just not to get cold. Now the times have come when much attention is paid by the producers to baby’s clothes both in quality and design. Brand Minoti for sure is an outstanding representative from Great Britain. Certainly, you will not have to go to the edge of the continent to buy these wonderful clothes. You can simply make an order at our website.

What is Minoti brand famous for: everything about these clothes

Minoti is children’s clothes brand founded in Great Britain. It has been making babies and their parents happy with excellent garments for more than 20 years. The name of the brand is associated with irreproachable taste and unquestionable quality. Minoti Collection includes big variety of goods from light body suits to warm upper clothes. Minoti produces different children’s clothes with size range from birth to 10 years.

As Minoti produces clothes for modern children and has positive feedback in Europe and USA we are sure that it will be interesting for our clients too.

What should you know about Minoti clothes before purchase?

  • Minoti producers realize that children’s clothes are active storage in fact. That is why they offer reasonable quality-price ratio.
  • Every new Minoti collection is design masterpiece meeting all the new trends. And all in all these children’s clothes as English product are irreproachable in relation to style.
  • Minoti like no other has very responsible attitude towards baby clothes sewing. Only advanced manufacturing sciences and only best materials of high quality suitable even for new babies are used. The sewing process itself goes through several levels of quality control, that is why everything from seams to cut is ideal in these clothes.

Why is it profitable to purchase Minoti clothes in our online shop?

  • We refresh the range of the clothes regularly and choose the best for you kids.
  • Minoti clothes cost significantly less than anywhere and the more you buy the less is the price.
  • We receive the clothes directly from Minoti manufacturing that is why all the items are original and delivery is timely.
  • You can purchase Minoti clothes from any point of the world, we will quickly deliver your order in any place.
  • We offer different payment methods in our online shop. Please, choose the most comfortable for you.
  • Minoti clothes are gathered in an intuitively understandable and comfortable catalogue and you will not lose time trying to find the necessary item.

Please, contact our online shop for Minoti items purchase and appreciate the price

You can make your baby and yourself happy when buying high quality Minoti clothes: long-sleeves, jackets, overalls, cardigans or different suits. You can order a warm jacket or a fur coat for a severe winter. And jeans or other jean items are the hit of the season which is popular both for boys and girls.

We should also note that besides a usual order you may purchase the clothes by small or big wholesale . We are ready to provide a wholesale buyer with special offers surely implicating additional economy.

Follow our site’s updates. Besides the reasonable price Minoti clothes may go under sell-outs. We are sure that you will like Minoti items and our online shop in general as we offer only the best as we would for our own kids.