Winter snowsuits for newborns

Everybody knows how beautiful a snowy winter is. It is a wonderful time for playing snow balls, building a snowman, skating and skiing! But the littlest ones cannot appreciate the season fully as they can see practically nothing out of their pram. And if they feel cold outside you may not even hope that your baby will get pleasant winter emotions. That is why it so important to choose stylish and of high quality snow suits for new born babies.

How to choose a snow suit for a new born baby?

When choosing a snow suit for a new born baby, please pay attention to the next moments:

  1. Heat insulation material. There are lots of types of heat insulation materials nowadays which are used for baby and children clothes production. And snow suits for new born babies are not an exception.We recommend to choose any modern heat insulation material.
  2. Lining. This fabric may touch baby’s skin, that is why pay special attention for it to be soft, pleasant to touch and hypoallergenic.
  3. Upper fabric. It plays a very important role as its ability to save warmth, protect against the wind and repel water and mud may vary substantially.
  4. Size. What size to choose for a new born baby boy or girl? Yes, your baby grows very fast that is why you need to choose a little bit bigger size. But be careful! If it is too big it may cause discomfort. That is why please choose size 56 cm for new born babies up to 1 month and size 62 cm for babies up to 3 months.
  5. Transformer or not. In case if you want to save the money the best choice can be transformer snow suits. Theoretically, such snow suits can be used even the next winter. Such snowsuits look like a sleeping bag with the sleeves and then the bag is transformed into legs. When tiny legs are together your baby will feel even more comfortable and cozy.
  6. Color. As your baby stays in a pram and does not get dirty, it may be the last chance for you to choose any color at all including even white and beige and creamy.

Where to buy a snow suit for new born babies?

Surely, in our online shop! We draw your attention to the fact that you have a possibility to buy snow suits for new born babies wholesale from a manufacturer. We have different discounts in subject to the lot. Our snow suits can be shipped by post worldwide. Simply choose what you like and we will deliver them shortly.