Goods for Moms

Getting ready for maternity clinic: Essential items for mom

A would-be birth of the child makes a first-time mom think not only about the children's wardrobe and nursery improvement, but also about the necessary things she will need as early as the first day after giving birth.

Goods for would-be moms

Pregnancy is the happiest but also hard time for woman. Her body is operating at full capacity and keeps giving sudden surprises like with colostrum drops on a t-shirt, strained lower back, and enlarged breasts. To get over these challenges much easier so that to enjoy pregnancy to the fullest, we at shop for moms and kids recommend purchasing useful items that will smooth off small troubles:

  • Bra for would-be moms
  • Absorbent bra pads
  • Maternity belt

An elastic bra would not compress swollen breasts while providing proper support whereas maternity belt will help relieve extra load from woman’s lower back. Bra pads will save leakages and discomfort, besides they also come in handy after baby birth and when coming into steady lactation.

Products for breastfeeding women

After-birth supplies help make troubles a new mom faces much easier while preserving her natural beauty.

Already when in maternity hospital, woman will need:

  1. Nursing Bras. Selecting this product, you should pay attention to size of the product, it should not be too tight, wide straps and base are especially important, because they provide breast support (stretch marks prevention).
  2. Postpartum belly wrap (contributes to stimulation of the uterus involution and tightens the belly).
  3. Disposable knickers (provide good ventilation, especially in the hottest of seasons to prevent bacteria growth).
  4. Super-absorbent maternity pads (will save mess during sleep and movement).
  5. Breast pump. There are two types of the product on the market: manual and electric. The second option is way easier to use, but the manual breast pump stands out for noiseless operation which is convenient when there is baby at home. If woman's breast is tight, experts recommend using an electrical product for it is more powerful. In cases when a first-time mom is always next to her baby, there is no way for hyperlactation, baby is never hungry, and mom’s breast doesn’t hurt —no need for pump.
  6. Nipple cream with panthenol (to heal fissures).

Getting ready for maternity centre, pregnant women, often due to fatigue, fail to pay special attention to the quality of the goods and just trust silver-tongued sellers while buying. This often entails deplorable results. Before buying goods for moms, you need to examine in detail the manufacturer to ensure durability, comfort, and safety of the product.

Which brand to choose?

In today's market there is a huge amount of companies that manufacture products for kids and moms, but only few have women’s trust and a good reputation.

  • Canpol Babies. The company produces goods both for pregnant women, those who have already delivered and their babies: bras, bra pads, breast pumps, maternity pads, tableware, pacifiers, etc.
  • Chicco. The brand also provide items both for nursing moms and pregnant women. Comfortable absorptive bra pads gained special acknowledgment of consumers. In addition, the brand produces high-quality breast pumps made of safe non-toxic plastic.
  • Tommee Tippee. Top-rate products for moms and babies. Tommee Tippee electric breast pump comes in handy for effective and painless milk pumping.
  • Lovi is an affordable high-quality brand. Reasonable price is not the only advantage of Lovi. Absorbent gel filler pads by the manufacturer will come to be a true lifesaver for women suffering from hyperlactation.
  • Bebe confort is a French brand, producing goods for moms and babies: toys, tableware, teethers, baby strollers; baby bathtubs; postpartum underwear.

You can choose all the essentials for maternity centre here in Here you will find everything you need for mom and baby, for our online store cooperates with reliable European brands that produce high quality products. Reasonable price and fast shipping will save would-be mom from extra spendings and visiting many shops.