Baby teethers

119787 Wooden Dinozaur teether

Non toxic teether is a must have item for young parents

Babies of 4-9 months struggle active teething period. It is a truly challenging time for a child. The main task of parents is to help relieve discomfort feelings their baby get in the most effective and safest way. If your baby is about the age, it's a high time to think what kind of organic teethers will be the best buy.

Let’s pick some teethers to have a close look and decide what’s the best for teething babies

Best teething products for babies vary in material, shape, and size. These characteristics define whether the item meets the needs of your baby. Let's delve into all kinds of modern best baby teethers.

They are manufactured of a variety of materials, which determine the level of the product hardness. It is believed that the softer a teether, the less harm to bite formation. But the the hard ones are much more durable.

You have the following options:

  • Silicone baby teethers
  • Latex teethers
  • Gel teething rings or filled with water ones are the softest with cooling effect
  • Rubber teething toys; (harder than silicone ones)
  • Plastic
  • Wood baby teethers

There are a number of forms and varieties. When choosing, you should take into account convenience factor and age of the kid. After all, what will attract four-month little one, may leave one year-old baby indifferent, and, on the contrast, what will catch the interest of older kids might even frighten younger babies.

What are the options?

  • The most regular option is a teething ring;
  • Safe teething toy (or even soft toy);
  • Playful teething rattle that also acts as a teether;
  • Teething pacifier is perfect for children who are very sensitive to the dummy.
  • For those who are often away from home, there is a teether pendent or teething ring necklace that is not so easy to lose. They can act as an independent accessory or a part of the bib or bandana.
  • Early development keys teething toy for infants and its varieties are for older kids to massage their gums, with no interference with the learning.

When opting for best teething products you are to consider the importance of suitable size. The toy should be comfortable to hold with those little hands, not too big to fit in the mouth of the baby, though not too small to prevent chocking hazard.

You are welcome to order top rated baby teethers

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