Linens, envelopes and swaddles for newborns

Choose and buy suitable swaddles, envelops and linens for newborns

A few decades ago, the word "swaddles" was associated with the only thing: a rectangular pieces of fabric, which mommy had to use to wrap the baby in, so that the baby is comfortable and tightly secured in it. This action required certain training and effort. Today, swaddling became an easy chore thanks to progress made in in this industry. Our online babyshop offers all types of swaddles, which we describe in details below.

What kind of swaddles should I buy?

Swaddles must be up to the number of safety and hygiene requirements.

  • Swaddles for newborns must be made only from natural soft materials that do not cause allergies or skin irritation;
  • Swaddles must “breathe” and absorb moisture;
  • Think what size of swaddles you need. Swaddle sizes 70x70cm, 80x80cm and other similar variations are suitable for swaddling at the first few months, also they can be used as napkins and underlays. Swaddle sizes 110x110cm, 90x120cm, and similar are better suited for swaddling children aged up to six months and these sizes can be used as linens in the crib;
  • You will have to buy two types of swaddles – thin and warm ones;
  • Don’t know how many swaddles you will need for a newborn baby? If that is the case, it is usually recommended to have 10 pieces of each kind.

Types of swaddles for newborns

By type of material:

  1. Simple cotton or gauze;
  2. Flannel swaddles for newborns - the warmer type;
  3. Muslin swaddles for newborns are made in a specific way from natural materials, very soft and tender to the touch, durable and wear-resistant;
  4. Finally, swaddles for newborns made from warp-knit fabrics – this type does not crumple, is soft and dries up quickly. There are three kinds of it: thin fleece, medium thickness interlock fabric and a very warm footer fabric.

By shape:

  1. Standard generic rectangular swaddles for newborns;
  2. Velcro swaddles (the so-called cocoon swaddles) for newborns with the special compartment for legs and two overlapping "wings" that allow you quickly to swaddle up the child without restraining his movements.
  3. For those, who are not used to care for the baby it is recommended to buy swaddles for newborns with a zipper that can be unzipped in both directions, which will allow you to change a diaper or underwear of your baby quickly.

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