Muslin diapers and pillows for newborns

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Muslin diapers for babies: children first

Many of you have heard that muslin diapers are preferable for babies as compared to others, but not everyone knows why they are better. Features of this fabric are known to humanity since the XVII century and quite highly appreciated, however, it’s mass production has started not long ago. There is a growing demand up to now, even in spite of a relatively decent price. By the way, you can buy muslin diapers for newborns in our online store much cheaper than in other places. Let's see why muslin diapers have received such highly positive feedbacks and what makes them so unique.

Muslin diapers for newborns: what is that exactly and why do they matter?

Iraq is a motherland of muslin. That is where a special weaving with thin fibers was invented, which exceeded all expectations. To this day, from the gotten material people have been sewing various stuff - from evening dresses to bed linen.

What is so particular about muslin diapers?

  1. Traditionally, the production of muslin uses 3 types of raw materials: cotton, wool or silk, that is, no synthetics.
  2. By description muslin diapers are soft, super thin and really durable. The wear and tear on them is insignificant compared with the usual cotton or chintz. All this is achieved through a special technology of fiber interlacing.
  3. The peculiarity of fabric also pleases with worthy hygroscopic properties: good moisture absorbency and rather rapid drying.
  4. Among other advantages, a good air permeability of muslin should be noted. Especially in hot weather, the existence of a good air circulation is extremely useful for infants, whether you swaddle a baby or just covering.
  5. Muslin diapers are especially encouraged to buying if you are going to swaddle the little one tightly. The fabric drapes perfectly, without forming undesirable creases which can hurt and rub the child's skin. Besides, the muslin is quite elastic.

Are you interested in buying muslin diapers, but don’t know where to buy them for reasonable price? Here we are to help!

By figuring out what the muslin diapers are and what amazing characteristics they have, you can ask yourself a fair question: what are their disadvantages? There is one, perhaps. These diapers are more expensive than regular ones. But don’t worry, we also have good news for you. Muslin diapers for newborns in our online store you can buy much cheaper than in other places, because we bring the goods from the factories directly and do not drive up the prices. We also provide you with an excellent opportunity to purchase muslin diapers in bulk from the manufacturer, which will save your money even more.