Happy and safe childhood with Keel Toys

Happy and safe childhood with Keel Toys

Welcome to the world of quality, safe, and soft Keel Toys, English brand for soft toys. Many years ago, in 1947, sir Keel decided to give the kids of after-war time joy, he founded soft toys company. Now, years ago, you can still find toys of the same quality and beauty. These cute animal toys have been winning children’s hearts all over the world for 70 years already. Keel brothers: Richard, David, John and James keep on making family business perfect. It is the vivid spirit that gives Keel Toys Company the way to rejoice kids, as the company is still number one producer of soft toy friends for every little one in the world.

Keel Soft Toys

Keel Toys is one of the largest importer and exporter of baby soft toys. Eye-filling, bright, well-thought-out design of every item don’t leave anyone indifferent.

Every toy is strictly tested, following several considerations:

  • Mechanical characteristics of toys;
  • Content of heavy metals in the item;
  • Inflammability of toys;
  • Organic substances;
  • Colorants directive;
  • Cadmium Directive.

Such testing guarantees consumers’ confidence when sustainability of the materials used for Keel soft toys production is concerned. Also this brand is a member of International Trade Association of Toys aiming at keeping standards of the industry high and production safe.

Keel Toys Teddy Bear, Elephant, and Rabbit

Toys are made in soft and bright colors. Pink Keel teddy bear is a great present for a little baby girl, while blue elephant is excellent choice for a boy. Quality stitching makes long life of the toy be reality. That is why such soft friend will accompany your baby during entire growing up period.

Keel Soft Toy Dogs

Lovely soft toy dogs look like their original prototypes: every detail of each breed is preserved. Besides, interactive toys can produce bark-like sounds. Such Keel soft dog may become nothing less but real audio-visual aids for your kid.

Top sellers are:

  1. Laid-up toy dogs with personal collar on – it seems that little puppies are resting on their tummies after a long play, their legs spread out.
  2. Puppy On The Leash line - interactive battery operated toy.
  3. Excellent performance of Keel Toys Frenchie dog – little copy of a real bulldog puppy, its collar with name badge on.
  4. Another special toy – Even adults wants to buy Keel Toys limited shepherd. Faux fur long hair imitates the real fur colors of well-known breed.
  5. You will definitely like Keel Toys Cairn Terrier, sweet little copy of the real dog.

Any of Keel Toys Dogs will be a true friend for your baby for years to come, toy outer look changing a little if any. Feedback of happy customers can prove this.

Keel Toys Lovely Cats

Cat soft toy has yielding faux fur hair, it feels so tender. Every detail is processed manually, and this is the reason why Keel cats are much the same real life as the dogs.

The most popular items are:

  1. Laid-up kitten of a variety of breeds and colors, with personalized collar on.
  2. Bright Keel Toys pink kitten named Polly: heavenly and live Keel plush toy is getting more popular among kids of different ages. Toy’s ears, fur and even eyes glitter with pink.
  3. Keel Toys red cat is another beloved edition, it is performed following all the quality and workmanship standards.

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