Soft Toys for Newborns and Babies

Soft toys as a symbol of happy childhood

Cute stuffed toys are the first things most parents buy for the nursery. What is the use of plush animals? What care is needed? And what should be considered when buying? KIDY. EU helps modern parents find answers to these questions.

What for do children need soft toys?

If we talk about educational square blocks, books, and sorters, it is always clear, what is the benefit such goods provide. But when it comes to little plush friends just few can tell the reason children need them for. Delving into this issue, a flash back to childhood will show your first soft teddy or bunny that was next to you in sad and happy moments of life.

As children’s development is concerned plush toys take position as important as books and building blocks:

  1. Psychologists have proven that favourite soft toy makes up for the lack of attention children face when their parents are often busy at work. The child, who cannot share his feelings with adults, finds solace in a plush friend, thereby balancing his own mental state.
  2. Soft toys teach children to take care of a close friend, develop compassion and careful attitude to things around.
  3. Plush animals are suitable for role play. For example, a soft dog may become a patient at vet’s whereas baby may be a doctor who can cure its paw.
  4. Curious fact: only soft toy animals last as favorite until puberty and sometimes longer. This happens thanks to the children’s ability to animate their plush friends which subsequently guard all children's secrets.
  5. Often, favorite soft teddy bear is calming baby down and keeps fear of a new place away thus helping extremely when child comes through adaptation time in kindergarten.
  6. Soft bunny or doll is suitable for snuggly co-sleep. This benefit of soft toys is particularly useful when separating from mum's bed into baby’s own.

Thus, it can be concluded that childhood will not be complete unless a couple of plush or woolen animals settle into baby’s room.

What toy should I buy?

When buying a new soft friend it is vital to pay attention to the appearance of the product. The toy should look like its real prototype, meaning an elephant is supposed to have big ears whereas a cat — whiskers. This approach plays crucial role for correct vision of the world formation.

Soft toys can be:

  • fabric (cotton, flax)
  • plush
  • woolen
  • sound (with a musical mechanism inside)
  • interactive (performing commands)

For filler is used:

  • padding polyester
  • down
  • hollowfiber
  • sawdust
  • buckwheat husk

The most popular animal toys are:

  1. Plush yarn bunny is a modern trend. Long-eared little bunny will become a wonderful friend for a cute girl or brave boy. Plush yarn comes in a wide color palette, so the products are bright and available in different colourings.
  2. Teddy bear was and remains the major symbol of childhood.
  3. Spotty Giraffe toy (by Keel Toys) is a great gift for a little tot, bright soft animal will fit easily those small hands.
  4. Kati Lamb woolen toy (by Flokati). High-quality natural wool product is a perfect toy even for newborns (except for allergy prone child).
  5. Stuffed toy elephant (by Keel Toys): plush animals are made in two colour options: pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

You can buy a teddy bear in blue, pink and white or wool lamb for a newborn baby here in

How to wash and dry stuffed toys?

Stuffed toys are great at collecting dust, so, to prevent allergy development, they should be regularly cleaned.

Most plush friends are machine washable, but there are a few exceptions that will not benefit from this type of wash:

  • toys with rhinestones, beads or other small parts that could come off
  • products with mechanism inside (remove the device before washing)
  • natural wool or flax toys (can lose their shape)
  • products with natural fillers like buckwheat husk, sawdust, down

All kinds of these toys are preferably to hand wash. Other products are quite suitable for machine wash, if the manufacturer allows it.

Cleaning highlights:

  1. Before washing check the toy for damages (torn seams, loosely attached eyes, etc.) to prevent the product from complete collapse.
  2. Prior to main washing wash very dirty places with children's soap.
  3. If toy limbs are poorly sewn or have small parts, it is advisable to put the toy in a laundry bag. A regular pillow will do in case when there is no bag at hand.
  4. It is recommended to wash at 40 degrees, manual or delicate cycle, no spinning.
  5. Use only tested baby wash powder to prevent harm to child’s health.
  6. Be sure to set repeat rinse to finish the process.

After the toys are washed, they should be dried. You can just hang plush products on the rope and pin them with clothespins. Knitted and woolen toy animals need horizontal drying.

Kidy online store recommends

Soft toy will be an intimate friend for the whole period of growing-up. It is reasonable to opt for quality products made by well-known companies to get safe product that will please your little one for years to come.

Brands, tried and tested over years, value their reputation that is why choose only high-quality and safe materials to manufacture their products, while caring about consumer’s health.

  1. Keel Toys soft colorful toy animals for children of different ages. Its collections include figures of dogs, miniature copies of real-life prototypes.
  2. Flokati handmade pure wool toys for newborns.

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