LEGO Bricks

There is no such a person in the world who has never heard about this brand at least once. A toy of a whole generation: LECO Bricks.

Creation of Lego: Short Time Journey

In 1932 in a provincial town of Denmark, Billund, there lived a considerable carpenter Ole Kristiansen. When his business went bankrupt, and his beloved wife passed away, Ole was left alone to face poverty and care for his four sons. His love for wood crafting along with spare time led the joiner to the business of his entire life — he started creating wooden toys. The eldest son Gotfred assisted him to treat out this difficult path.

Although wooden toys were of good quality, they were not much profitable: it was necessary to move on.

In 1946 Ole bought plastic item moulding machine to launch his own production of plastic toys. The first ones were little bears and airplanes.

In 1954 Godfred suggested that each toy should provide a system enabling children to use their imagination. In short time, first Lego set of bricks, from which it was possible to construct homes, stores, and streets, could be found on the shop shelves. It was a breakthrough in the world of toys.

Fast facts:

  1. First Ole exchanged wooden toys for food.
  2. Initially, the choice for the name of the company fell on a simple Danish "LEG GODT", meaning "play for fun".
  3. «LEGO», in translation from Latin means "I put together", but Ole didn’t know that when he was looking for a name for his toys.
  4. The first team of company workers included seven people.
  5. Workshop, in which Ole’s team worked, was on fire at least two times when he was alive and once since the business had been owned by his son, Godfred.

After Ole’s death the company passed into the hands of the eldest son Gotfred and his son Kjeld, who is the current owner of the company. Each of these people contributed to the development of LEGO Group with his work and patience, making quality toys and following the motto, Ole himself stated: "Only the best can be good enough."

Why particularly LEGO?

There are many toy companies manufacturing toys in the world, but to have LEGO is a dream of an adult and a child alike. What is it about these toys?

LEGO: Benefits

  1. Variety of connection combinations gives way for children's imagination.
  2. All the bricks when tightly attached to each other create a unit that can be easily moved from place to place, lifted, or even rolled over.
  3. The toys are manufactured of safe material, namely thermoplastic.
  4. With the help of Lego blocks, you can recreate the whole world, develop motor skills and thinking.
  5. The toys meet all quality certificates.
  6. LEGO brings family together: as dad will always be happy to assemble with his kid the unit from his childhood.

Lego Toys

Lego sets are not just toys, but a huge selection of play series for all ages and tastes.

The most famous and popular editions:

  1. Lego Duplo. This series is particularly designed for little dreamers. Bright elements help developing color perception; separate bricks contribute in manual dexterity, with their big sizes acting as a guarantee of safe playtime.
  2. Lego Juniors (4-7 years). The series is represented by figures of famous cinema heroes and cartoon characters.
  3. LEGO Princess — LEGO for girls. Includes the sets of fabulous princesses from Disney cartoons.
  4. Lego Ninjago. Daring heroes, six Ninja rush to defeat their most evil enemy Garmadon. Not only children, but also adults will find pleasure to play with such a set.
  5. Lego Bionicle A series about fictional parallel worlds, evil aliens, and spaceships.
  6. Lego City is a residential city with roads, houses, vegetation, and human beings. Toys of the series is a great gift for a five-year kid to explore occupations whereas a schoolboy will find it helpful to learn about traffic signs and their meaning. Lego City includes a lot of sets: from space cities and planets to airfields, construction sites, police stations, fire stations, etc.
  7. Classic This series gives way to creative imagination of the child. You can build just about anything from small building blocks.
  8. Lego Star Wars Thanks to this set, you can now reconstruct your own Star Galaxy.
  9. Lego Friends created for girls. Cute girl-figurines of fashion-mongers and accessories will help your child to fully immerse in LEGO world. LEGO Friends for girls is a great birthday gift for your princess.
  10. Castle The series of sets depicting the medieval world and fantastic creatures.
  11. Mindstorms ev 3 helps to create real programmable robot.
  12. Creator is a set for young engineers.
  13. Lego Nexo Knights is an adventurous story about brave knights.
  14. Lego Technic stands for vehicle models, displaying maximum possible similarity with their original counterpart.
  15. Lego Heroes The collection mirrors compete Marvel and DC Comics. Every fan of popular superheroes’ adventures dreams to buy Lego Marvel.
  16. Lego Elves is a story about the adventures of a girl named Emily in a fantastic world of the Elves.
  17. Movie The line reflects all the scenes from the LEGO movies, with characters being completely identical.
  18. Speed Champions The series for lovers of the high-speed racing cars.

Each of these series has the only goal: to teach children to love playtime, while developing their imagination and thinking. Lego goes in step with the times. With the advent of new role models of a modern generation, the company produces a series of toys that allow children to play with their favorite characters and create a new world for them.

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