Baby Bath Toys

Baby toys for tub: Get clean and develop

Bath toys are the main component of children's bath time. They brighten up the process of taking tub and help cope with all sorts of fears some children experience when getting acquainted with water. When buying parents have questions arise: "What model to choose?” and "What manufacturer to prefer?” We will help find the answers.

Types of children's bath toys

Baby goods markets stand out for a huge range of bath toys, which differ both in functionality and material. It is important to buy the bath time toys that your little one will approve.

Popular products for play in water:

  • Rubber bath toys (action figures of favorite cartoon or fairy-tale characters and animals).
  • Plastic machines (floating mechanical motor- or battery operated bath toys).
  • Water temperature indicators like Chicco Magic Crab Bath Toy, which signals hot water with disappearing pattern.
  • Water toys: watering cans, buckets, rotating sets, mills, etc.
  • Silicone bath toys

Each group of these goods is purchased with consideration of age peculiarities to be child-friendly. So, for example, rubber animals and utensils work good for kids who are just on the way to master bathtime play (approximately 6-7 months). At this age, children find it curious to look at water flowing out from just filled can or a toy duck floating on the surface. Older baby (from 1 year) will stick to watermills, machines and educational bath toys.

Educational bath time toys

Bath products, contributing to baby’s development, deserve special attention.

These toys include:

  • Crayons For Drawing Advantage of this product is that the stems draw well on the walls of the tub even under water and can easily be cleaned with a sponge. Baby gets the opportunity to draw on the entire surface of the bath and wash his work of art himself.
  • Tomy Fun Jellyfish Bath Toy can squirt, for this you just fill its head with water.
  • Special Waterproof Material Book displaying interesting pictures about life of the underwater world. This brochure gives an opportunity to explore marine life. For a practical material another bath toy like floating frog; fish, jellyfish, or craw fish can do well.
  • Suction Bath Time Toys work great to develop colour perception, creative thinking and fine motor skills. Baby himself adorns his “underwater world” by distributing sticker heroes on the bath and walls surfaces. Toys in bright colours will attract kids up to one year.
  • Finger Bath Toy Set will help create a theatrical water performance. When baby is small, parents can direct plays and then, over time, their child will make up stories involving rubber heroes, and, thus, develop his imagination.
  • Singing Dolphins are Tomy bath toy consisting of 8 adorable little fish, each, when immersed in water, produces the sound of music note. This set contributes to the development of hearing and cause-and-effect relationship.

How and where to store bath toys?

How long the product lasts directly depends on proper storing of the toy in the bathroom. The main point is correct drying of the toy products after bath time.

To do this, use one of three devices:

  1. Toy storing bathroom net is a wall mount device to host wet toys. Excess water runs through the holes — your product gets dry and ventilated.
  2. Plastic container with holes for water drainage and suction cups for secure mounting on bath surface.
  3. Floor basket is rather used for dry toy storage; otherwise mold may develop in case of wet toys.

For toys to look great for longer it is recommended to have two bath play sets. The reason is children bathe frequently, rubber products do not have time enough to dry, causing harmful fungus development inside the toys.

How to clean rubber bath toys from the inside?

When bath toys are not dried after bathing, black rust (fungus) appears inside. To clean fungus from rubber products is rather time-consuming and not always successful.

In such cases manufacturers recommend to get rid of the toy, but experienced moms do not give up without a fight and offer several options:

  1. Boiling If the product can survive high temperatures, the toy can be boiled.
  2. Pour inside hydrogen peroxide or furacilin, then pour it out, use boiled water to rinse, then dry.
  3. Cut a hole at the bottom of the toy, brush clean the inside using baking soda.

If, after all the procedures black flakes still go out of the toy, it should be put down the drain.

What manufacturer should you choose? online store recommends its customers several popular brands that stand out for high quality and safety of their products:

  • Munchkin Baby Bath Time Toys. The brand produces different types of toy products, including: bath crayons; storage containers; rubber marine animals and fruits; musical toys; machines, etc. Children particularly love bath bubble blower toy.
  • Tomy is a Japanese toy company. This brand prides itself for the amount of fun bath time sets, such as Tomy Bath Pirate Ship and Octopus toys, allowing your baby to create a huge underwater world, developing imagination and thinking. Bathtime Turtle Wind Up Toy is of great demand for it can not only float, but also sing a song.
  • Chicco is an Italian manufacturer of products for babies and moms. It has won love and devotion among buyers worldwide for many years of its work. Most popular toy products are: Chicco Flower Watering Can Toy and Island of Bubbles Toy.

Where can I buy bath toys at the lowest prices?

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