Baby kitchen & food sets

The world of modern toys is huge and diverse. But all parents, who care about the development of their children, consider mainly the way these or other goods are useful. This article will let you know if play kitchen is something your little one really needs and which set you can buy.


Play kitchen sets impress with being profoundly diverse. They feature different constituent parts and material all the parts of the product were manufactured from. Play kitchen package depends completely on the manufacturer and their imagination, and there are basic and complete sets.

The assortment may include every utensil that real-life kitchen contains.

Basic sets include:

  • Stove
  • Exhaust hood
  • Sink
  • Microwave oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Cupboards and shelves
  • Crockery racks

Complete sets may combine options:

  • Appliances (microwave, coffee maker, multi-cooker, bread maker, blender, and toaster)
  • Ice-box
  • Mirror
  • Toy food (fruits, veggies, ready-made desserts and dishes)
  • Tableware (plates, pots, spoons, knives, forks, frying pans, etc.)

Many manufacturers, in a bid to achieve greater similarity to the prototype, add to the kitchen illumination, sounds that copy appliance operation and purl of the water.

Play kitchens also differ in material:

  1. Wooden set presents eco-friendly safe kitchen units for children. In addition, with wood being very durable, the product will last long.
  2. Children's plastic toy kitchen is rather budget choice. Such sets are lightweight, vary in design, and feature outstanding package, but they are very fragile.

Each buyer is to decide what kitchen to purchase relying on their personal preferences. When the kitchen is aimed for a three-year old kid, who is just mastering role play, children's wooden toy kitchen will do great for being durable and safe. For older child (7-9 years), a fully equipped kitchen with sound and light effects will catch their fancy.

Why is ‘I’m the chef’ game useful for children?

Children's toy kitchen being designed for role play, it engrosses the child completely with a new imaginary world. Being a great chef of the popular restaurant or a wife and mum, who cooks dinner to impress the whole family, is a possible scene in child’s mind. This game helps to develop imagination of a younger person comprehensively while giving a chance to become grown-up acting independently for some time.

When playing the kitchen game, the child learns:

  1. To build a logical sequence of steps: vegetables first need to be washed, then cut, and put into the pan, etc.
  2. To abide by instructions: kids come up with the rules or mimic adults’ behavior: wash your hands, have your bib on, wash your bowl. Reluctant to obey in reality, they follow the game rules.
  3. To be tidy. Being a prototype of a real-life kitchen, toy one also needs to be clean and arranged. It is especially important to have your child put it into order after the game. This plants love for order but also respect for mummy’s efforts to keep a large kitchen clean for the entire family.
  4. To be responsible and goal-oriented. When playing in the children's toy kitchen, your kid will be immersed into adult-like life with a number of commitments: to feed children and husband, to bake a pie just in time for a visit, to cook a lovely cake for a friend’s birthday. Child invents obstacles and challenges for the cases just to cope with them at the end of the game.

This suggests that if your little fidget finds interest in cooking and tries to be part of it along with parents, it is a high time to buy a play kitchen to make up their little adult-like world.

Is children's play kitchen just for girls?

What a mistake it is for parents to consider play kitchen as being designed only for girls. This belief leaves boys no chance to try their chef abilities. Psychologists recommend setting all the gender differences aside to allow children to choose by their own. Today's world abounds with male chefs and female car mechanics, this situation makes it clear: everyone does what he likes. Therefore, if your son is happy to watch his mum cooking porridge and tries to help her, the children's kitchen will definitely please him.

Hape kitchen sets: recommends

HAPE is originally from Germany. For nearly forty years the company has been pleasing children of the world with quality, out-of-box wooden toys. Each new toy model is designed by professional teachers and designers resulting in toys being not just beautiful but also educational.

Hape assortment also covers kitchen products:

  1. Children's wooden kitchen of different packages.
  2. Cutlery.
  3. Toy food for play kitchen: cutting vegetables for salad; hot dog, hamburger, and pizza ingredients.
  4. Large coolers.
  5. Grill.
  6. Tea sets.

One can replicate the whole real-life process while cooking any dish with Hape goods. Play kitchen furniture of the brand is sturdy, bright, and eco-friendly. Being made of wood and painted with safe dyes, it builds up our trust. For the reason, our online shop is ready to recommend Hape products to our customers.

If you are in search for a strong, unique, and beautiful children's kitchen, online shop is pleased to be at your service. We opt for only direct cooperation with reliable manufacturers to offer high-end goods, which will bring your child both joy and proper development.