Educational Toys for Infants and Babies

Useful baby toys: The way to develop your child correctly

A toy is the main attribute of childhood as well as the major inciter to develop child’s imagination, his aesthetic taste and mental abilities. Favourite toy friend helps the baby to interact with the outside world and make it easier to cope with crises of growing. But modern psychologists appear worried of the younger generation, for the parents are buying toys that are absolutely not proper for healthy development of the child.

Types of children's toys

The diversity of contemporary toys is so large that often adults don't know what purchase will turn out to be really interesting and useful for children.

Depending on material toys are:

High quality material has to be the main consideration when purchasing the goods. Plastic toys for babies must be phthalates and PVC free, for children often use mouth to explore things. Among wooden products it is better to give preference for those that are coated with safe food dyes. If you choose rubber toys for children, natural and hypo allergic caoutchouc is considered to be the perfect material.

Type of possible play makes products fall into several groups:

  1. The ones involving story and characters. These include toys that make up prototype of every day setting and people: dolls, animals, household items, plants, stuffed toys for the children, etc. They help the child experience the world and create own storylines, thus engaging imagination.
  2. Didactic toys stimulate mental and sensory development of the child: logic brain-teasers; puzzles; lacing toys; toy blocks; baby musical toys with educational tasks.
  3. Technical toys introduce the kid the world of cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and ships.
  4. Sport toys are designed for active playtime (balls, skipping ropes, push cars, ride-on toys).
  5. Entertaining. This group includes: musical toy piano; toy-torch; singing toys; radio control cars, funny clowns. These toys do not have specific educational function, but they catch children’s attention.

It is crucial to take into account the variety of toys, when creating a play area for your baby. The reason is every of them should contribute to the all-round development of the child. It is also essential to pick up toys that correspond to child's age group.

What toys does your child need?

It’s worth preferring toys that will stimulate imagination of the child rather than complete set of functionality products to achieve highest benefit from the playtime.

Often parents face the problem when the baby gets a desired toy (cadged from them when in store) just to throw it aside after a little while of playing.

This behaviour may be caused by:

  • Inability to play
  • Failure to correspond to child’s age
  • Limited functionality

Adults should participate in the process, explain and suggest game rules to teach their child how to play. After your kid masters his toys to be engaged into their world, you can become just a quiet observer and then leave him alone with them.

Child’s interest for the play depends on how it responds to his age:

  • From birth to one year. For newborns, it is important to choose bright and musical toys, which baby can take in mouth, push or shake to hear the sound, for example: toy rubber tweeters; wooden tambourines; rattles; teethers; musical cars.
  • Toys for kids from 1 to 3. Once the child got the hang of walking to sit still is rather challenging for him. Sport toys will be at hand to manage the splash of accumulated energy as well as satisfy his curiosity about the world around: bouncing balls; pushers; ride-ons; carts. Don't forget about fine motor skills and thinking development. Wooden puzzles like silhouettes; pyramid; blocks; stacking doll will work great.
  • 3-4 years. From this age you can confidently buy kewpie dolls, dolls and household items for girls and all sorts of equipment and animals for boys. No matter how hard you try, note children begin to play these toys the way they are intended to play with, like to create life situations during the play, not earlier than when they are three years old. For example, girls put dolls to sleep, feed them, and carry in the stroller, whereas boys are eager to build parking lots, garages for their favourite cars, and also arrange racing.
  • 4-5 years. This time stands out displaying children’s ability of a team player. Playtime with didactic toys involving interaction with the second player will be useful at the age: monopoly; baby dominoes; puzzles; blocks.
  • 6-7 years. Preschoolers are already well attuned to the outside world and life situations, so theatrical dolls to help imagine the world and its heroes will be a great choice; chemical experiment kits, construction sets, whereas sport toys will work for physical development.

It’s worth opting for multifunctional goods to make child's interest for the toy last longer. For example, musical tablet does not provide any room for imagination, when baby presses all the buttons and listens to all songs, the toy will be forgotten somewhere to accumulate dust. But if you buy children’s piano, then you allow your child to work independently and every time starting playing the instrument, your kid will hear new combinations of sounds.

Popular children toys

Every family has its own list of desirable and important toys, however, you can select items not only children, but also leading world educators approve:

  1. Wooden Square Blocks contribute to the development of spatial and creative thinking.
  2. Lacing Toys help develop fine motor skills.
  3. Cubes of Zaitsev introduce studying material for learning letters, syllables to master reading skills.
  4. Hape Wood Blocks work for development of figurative thinking and imagination.
  5. Magnetic Construction Sets.
  6. Wooden Puzzles for memory training and mental activity.
  7. Sorters for logical thinking, help your baby learn the concepts of shape and color.
  8. Musical instruments (not electronic) are baby toys every parent needs to buy for his little one, because they form the correct musical taste and cause-and-effect relationship.

Speaking about the benefits of toys for children's development, it is reasonable to mention several manufacturers, whose products are the best on the world market contributing to baby’s development from the very birth.

  1. Hape Toys are wooden educational toys for children of different age groups. The toys stand out for unparalleled quality and safety.
  2. Keel Toys present soft toy pets.
  3. VULLI natural rubber teethers and hypo allergic toys for the bath time. This manufacturer is a true way out for children prone to allergies.
  4. Lullalove wooden teethers to relief gum pain as well as fabric pacifier guards, which will not let baby’s binky get lost neither when out nor at home.
  5. LEGO are the best educational toys for children: blocks and construction sets encourage fine motor skills and child’s imagination.
  6. Flokati are woolen toys.

Tested brand guarantees not only durability of its toys, but also quality and safety, since each product is subjected to strict verification to meet quality certificates.

Purchase of defective toys can significantly affect baby’s health resulting in terrible consequences such as:

  • Poisoning with a toxic substance
  • Allergic reactions
  • Injuries

Opting for a new children’s playset, as parent, you should carefully choose the store and the manufacturer of the goods.

Where to buy children’s toys?

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