Rubber soled anti-slip socks for babies and toddlers

Babies will love anti-slip foot socks for their comfort and beauty and their parents will definitely appreciate high quality and usability. There are lots of models of the socks for toddlers learning to walk at our website.

Rubber bottom anti-slip floor socks - main peculiarities and advantages

Such socks first appeared in the beginning of 2000 years. First collection of unusual socks has been presented in Korea and a little bit later this idea was adopted by many well-known European brands producing children’s clothes.

Rubber bottom socks sold in our online shop are made from ecological materials. The toe is dense but soft inside which makes the wearing comfortable. Rubber foot prevents slipping and does not let the water through, that is why such socks can be even worn outside when warm summer.

The parents will appreciate the next characteristics:

  • Usability. All the children’s socks presented in our online shop are easily washed. You can even use a washing machine;
  • Do not cause allergic reactions thanks to ecological materials used;
  • Have anatomical form (wide comfortable toe and flexible foot);
  • Insure correct development of baby’s foot;
  • These items are approved by pediatricians;
  • Light and comfortable;
  • Rubber foot socks which we advise you to buy have good durability;
  • Bright unusual design;
  • Reasonable price.

Your baby will feel comfortable when walking, crawling, running or jumping in rubber foot socks. Anti-slip bottom insures baby’s safety and freedom of movement. Wearing such socks your baby can learn to crawl, stand and walk faster than babies of the same age wearing usual items.

Wide range at reasonable price

You can find various colors of rubber foot socks at our web site. There are lots of models both for boys and girls who start to learn the world in our catalogue. They will definitely love the socks of bright colors and with adorable prints of cartoon characters.

You have wonderful possibility to purchase rubber bottom anti-slip foot socks by famous European brands at very low price at our web site.