Premature baby clothes

(38, 44 cm)

(38, 44 cm)

Prematurely born or low-birth-weight babies’ clothes. The clothes for the littlest dearest babies.

Each mommy starts to get ready for the meeting with her baby when only knows for the first time that she is pregnant. She is preparing the layette for her future prince or princess with much love and trepidation. But sometimes it happens that mommy meets her baby a lot before the planned day. The tiny baby cannot wait to come into the world and draws the first breast being very very little. And the prepared with such love and care box with all the beautiful clothes needs to stand in the wings. You should not worry. Your baby grows so fast that the time for these lovely items will come very soon. But what should mommy do now, when all these things are so big and cannot fit a tiny baby? Come to our online shop! We know best the answer for the question where to buy the clothes for prematurely newborn babies and can give you a 5-stars consultation regarding the product information. We offer only high quality goods at the reasonable prices.

Clothes for low-birth-weight and prematurely newborn babies. Safety and comfort in the first place

If you are looking for the clothes for prematurely and low-birth-weight newborn babies, first of all you need to understand the difference of such clothes from other newborn items:

  1. The size, for sure. The newborn clothes of 50 cm and less are considered to be clothes for low-birth-weight babies. Such babies cannot be premature. Possibly, they are simply twins or triplets or ordinary babies which were born with weight less than 2 kilograms.
  2. The cut. It is maximum comfortable for putting the clothes on and off in order to now way injure a baby.
  3. The seams. They are maximum soft and flat. Usually they are sewed outside in order not to disturb a baby.
  4. The material. Only natural hypoallergenic materials are used. No chemical colors are allowed to be used. That is why all the clothes are safe for the soft skin of the tiny baby.
  5. Fasteners and snaps. They do not touch the skin of the baby.
  6. Warmth. The clothes for prematurely born babies are always warmer than usual clothes for the newborns. It is necessary as premature babies’ heat regulation system is not developed enough when they are born. That is why it is very important to control the temperature in a baby’s room in order not to allow exposure or overheating

The main things that you should think about when choosing the wardrobe for your baby are safety and comfort in the first weeks and months. In other moments the clothes for low-birth-weight babies are the same as usual ones. They are colorful and bright, soft and tender, single or gathered in sets and able to suit any occasion.

Premature babies leave the maternity hospital several days later than usually that is why this day becomes even more special and joyful. And surely mommies want to dress the baby up in accordance with solemnity of the moment. But please do not forget that even such special clothing should meet all the above-listed requirements.

Where to buy the clothes for prematurely born babies?

The new parents may often have the question where to buy the clothes for the prematurely born and low-birth-weight babies? Unfortunately, even big enough retail children’s outlets do not have such sizes represented. Our online shop can solve this problem! You will definitely appreciate wide range and high quality of all our items. We are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information about the product and help you with your choice.

Should you be interested in prematurely born babies’ clothes by manufacturer, please contact us! We work with the producers directly and we are always ready to provide the wholesale purchasers with the best offers and discounts.