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Pink sleepsuit ADORABLE BABY (Nursery Time) Pink sleepsuit ADORABLE BABY (Nursery Time) 2 Pink sleepsuit ADORABLE BABY (Nursery Time) 3

Pink sleepsuit ADORABLE BABY (Nursery Time)

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100% cotton


Nursery Time


Sole-colored pink baby girl onesies ADORABLE BABY with long sleeves and embroidery pattern of a baby bear with flowers and heart-shaped balloon. Below this picture, there is "adorable baby" inscription. If you buy baby sleepsuit made of 100% knitted fabric , you will guarantee comfortable sleep to your child. It will feel warm at night and cool at day. The fabric allows skin to breathe, is hypoallergic, and can be washed and ironed with ease. If necessary, you can change your baby’s clothes or diapers quicly using neat little snap fasteners situated at the front and between the legs. Manufacturer of the product - Nursery Time from England. The sleepsuit is perfect for everyday wear and can be easily combined with other apparel.


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