Wool hats for Newborns and Babies

Wool Beanies for Newborns and Babies

Winter is not an excuse solid enough to keep the home. Walks are essential for baby's immunity formation. So, when it is cold you need to take care of warm clothes for your tot. This little head should be warm, but not overheated. Therefore, choice of baby hat needs to be approached with the utmost thoroughness and care.

Wool beanies

Wool beanies for newborns remain the most popular at all times. And all this is possible thanks to the material; it is soft and gentle for sensitive baby skin, besides warm, hypoallergic, and strong, it looks stylish and beautiful.

Merino wool hats

We would like to linger for a while on merino wool beanies for newborns.

Why are these hats worth considering? Merino is a special sheep breed. Fickle climate gave their wool unique properties. In winter merino wool baby clothes can protect against the strongest cold and wind, and helps to cope with the summer heat.

If you buy a merino wool baby beanie, be aware of it being:

  1. Thin
  2. Soft
  3. Warm
  4. Breathable
  5. Resistant to stains
  6. Of excellent hygroscopicity
  7. It does not absorb odours

Its excellent thermoregulation is worth particular noting. This feature is especially important for babies, for their heat regulation system is not quite perfect. Baby merino hats while retaining natural warmth, will not allow overheating.

Merino wool beanie for kids is good at keeping moisture out. This means that your baby will always be dry and cozy. Antiseptic properties of wool make the list complete. The risk of bacteria is minimal. So the number of causes to get sick goes down.

If you have decided to buy a baby merino wool hat, then rest assured as it will protect your baby from strong winds and frost. What matters is an appropriate size. A hat should fit snugly to the head. Knitted items tend to be stretchy, so note this when buying. Merino wool baby beanies stand out for staying the same form over time. It can be washed without worrying that it will get bigger or lose its form.

What styles can be found in brick and mortar as well as online?

Wool hats for newborns can be as follows:

  1. Helmet. Minimum or no ties with ears and neck completely protected.
  2. Aviator baby hat. This model has a special cut; this is for a triangle in the forehead area. This hat perfectly covers forehead and ears.
  3. Earflap hats.
  4. Hats with ears, pom-poms and other decorative elements.
  5. Simple hats with strings.
  6. Hoody hat.

Snowsuit match

Whatever model is chosen, it is important for parents to consider it matching to baby’s snowsuit in terms of color, shape, style, and size. Wool hats for newborns are usually worn under the hood to protect baby from cold when sleeping outside. Some winter sets do not come with a hood. In this case, parents will have to consider buying hats, but also something underneath it. This can be a regular scarf or a special helmet.

Size chart

Size charts for newborn hats may differ. One shows centimeters, while the others show age. 0 to 3 months beanies will fit newborns. Have you decided to buy wool knitted hat, remember it will grow as your baby head grows.

Do you want your baby to feel comfortable at any season? Do you want to strengthen his immunity? Do you want your baby to be the most stylish and elegant when on the playground? Then visit our KIDY.eu online store to choose the best for your baby.